Ribeye in the pants

I’ll start with some numbers and I’m sure it will be downhill from there. The past week we generated 53 calls for police service, Sgt. Hanson handled 20 of those calls with Captain Reyes coming a close 2nd with 17. We conducted 24 traffic stops which resulted in 14 citations and 10 warnings.
On the crime side we had a few calls, a beer theft suspect at H.E.B. was given a trespass warning and no charges were filed and officers also responded to a report of a man passing a counterfeit $50 bill at the same location.
We had a reported theft at H.E.B. Plus, a male suspect picked out some Dallas Cowboys jerseys and some steaks (most likely ribeye). An alert employee noticed him trying to wonder out of the store without paying, so our thief dumped the jerseys and we are pretty sure he shoved the steaks down his pants and headed out. The old “ribeye in the pants” trick, well he may have been eating a stolen steak when the Cowboys won but at least he didn’t have a fancy stolen jersey on.
The Lytle Apartments on Main St. was the scene of a felony theft over the weekend. A John Deere skid steer loader was stolen, they are doing some parking lot work up there and it belonged to the contractor. A witness reported it being loaded on a trailer around 2:30 AM on Saturday morning.
Sgt. Hanson took one female to jail on Friday, she had an outstanding theft warrant for an incident that occurred at H.E.B. a few weeks back. She agreed to turn herself in and we set up a time that was convenient for her, she had to make arrangements for child care and didn’t want to miss any work. Justice can be served with a side order of compassion, hope that doesn’t sound too liberal.
Our Administrative Assistant, Paola Rios, was presented with a plaque recognizing her for 10 years of service with the City of Lytle. She worked at City Hall for 4 years and the last 6 she has been working for the PD. If she put up with Ms. Campa for 4 years and me for 6 and she is still hanging around she probably deserved more than a plaque.
It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is upon us. In the Lytle Police world that means we are getting ready for Santa’s Hayride. It will be at 6 PM on Saturday, Nov. 24 at the Lytle Community Center. It’s neat and it only costs a buck or a donation of a canned good (maybe something low sodium or sodium free as my doctor said I really need to watch that). But that’s not all, Thanksgiving means we have “Black Friday” sales and it also means that the parking lot at H.E.B. Plus will be challenging at best. I wonder how many fender benders we will have this year? If I wasn’t such an honest fellow I would set up an unauthorized valet parking service, I could make enough in one day to take the rest of the year off. I have never worked for tips but money is money.