We had our big family reunion last weekend, and there were cousins galore. We must have three dozen little hooligans between all of us. Family reunions are a little complicated to plan, but it sure is nice to get to actually talk to your cousins, nieces and nephews, aunts, and uncles. Even though many of us live in the same town, we are all busy with other stuff and seldom take that time.
This weekend, I learned that one of our little cousins is going to be a veterinarian, surgeon, or doctor, so that’s good to know. She’s only in the fourth grade, but I have no doubt she will be exactly one of those things.
I missed the sand volleyball game this year for fear of collapsing after I chased Tucker back and forth between every cousin’s cabin a million times. That resort is lots of fun, but there are A LOT of hills and stairs. It seems that everywhere you go is uphill, both ways.
Every day we had a huge buffet of home cooked food and casseroles to choose from, but I am sure we worked it off on those hills.
Yes a family reunion is a lot of planning and organization, but it’s well worth it.