Regional quarterfinalists: amazing season for Arabian volleyball

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After four months of games, the Arabian volleyball season has drawn to a close. It has been an amazing season for this team of talented girls and after being defeated by La Vernia in the Regional Quarterfinal playoff game, the Arabians have added another impressive season to the records. This season the Arabians went 23-17 overall including 2nd in the 17th Annual Varsity Arabian Round-Up.
The Arabians won district with a 7-1 record to face Cuero in the Bi-District. The Arabians beat the Lady Gobblers 25-21, 25-23, and 25-19. At Area, Devine faced Orange Grove and were victorious again with scores of 28-18, 28-25, 25-10, and 25-12. But it was at the Regional Quarter finals that the Arabians victory streak was ended by La Vernia. The girls played with heart and soul but could not get the points needed for the win. They never gave up and even after they lost the first two sets 25-9 and 25-21, they played even harder in the third and almost had the set but lost 23-25. La Vernia went on to lose to Needville 0-3 in the Regional Semi Finals.
“We just did not play our best tonight. We came out real tight in the first set but relaxed a little in the second and third. I just don’t think we were aggressive as we needed to be on offense. I thought we made some great plays on defense but just could not finish the points. I just don’t think we were as efficient on the offensive side as we usually are. We had the chances, but our attacks just weren’t going down. La Vernia was playing some great defense but also we weren’t attacking as aggressively as we usually do,” said Coach Leigh Anne McIver.
Regional Quarter Final stats: Sara Moreno and Macey Hein each had an ace. Alissa Stehle had 9 kills, Sierra Pompa 8, and Dana Aaron 1. Hein had 16 assists, while S. Pompa and Stehle each had 1. S. Pompa had 17 serve receptions, Stehle 16, Gabby Rodriguez 11, Moreno 7, Megan Runyan 5, and Madison Pike 4. Aaron had 1 block. Pompa and Rodriguez dug the ball out 15 times each, Stehle 14, Howard 12, Hein 11, Moreno 8, Runyan 3 and Aaron 2. Clarissa Zamora and Jasmine Pompa cheered their team from the bench.
The Arabians put up some impressive stats for the year. Playing 116 sets in 40 games, the Arabians averaged about 22 serves a set with less than two errors a set. Sierra Pompa (Sr.) served 57 aces, had 530 kills, 248 serve receptions, 19 blocks and 622 digs. Dana Aaron (Sr.) had 4 aces, 65 kills, and 23 blocks. Alissa Stehle had 24 aces. 180 kills, 68 assists, 479 serve receptions, 10 blocks, and 540 digs. Sara Moreno (Sr.) served 41 aces, 387 serve receptions, and 380 digs. Kaylee Howard (Jr.) had 13 aces, 177 serve receptions, and 155 digs. Gabby Rodriguez had 34 aces, 457 serve receptions, and 626 digs. Macey Hein (Fres.) had 38 aces, 58 kills, 882 assists, 4 blocks, and 282 digs. Megan Runyan (Soph.) had 155 kills, 4 blocks, and 104 digs. Clarissa Zamora (Jr.) had 6 kills, 3 assists, and 4 digs. Madison Pike (Soph.) had 59 kill, 60 blocks, and 45 digs. Jasmine Pompa (Jr.) had 16 kills, 3 blocks, and 7 digs.
When asked about next season, “I think we have a good core coming back and some girls returning that will step into the spots that the seniors filled. I think our biggest question is who is going to be our go to hitters. I think we have some very capable girls but it’s going to come down to who wants it and who is going to be consistent to get us those kills next year. Volleyball is the only sport that I am coaching this year. I am heading to the state tournament this week because I am on the TGCA volleyball committee. After that I am going to focus on the girls getting stronger and faster in the weight room, getting them back on the court and coaching my daughter and her friends in basketball!” said Coach McIver.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer