Rat snake arrested

A quick review of our numbers reveal that officers handled 43 service calls. Capt. Reyes was the primary officer on 25 (58%) of those service calls so he was a busy bee. Officers conducted 24 traffic stops last week, of those stops 18 received citations and 6 were given warnings.
The heat is taking a “bite out of crime”, we only had one property crime reported last week and that was a stolen cell phone at H.E.B. A common denominator between thieves and cops is that we all like the cool weather; it bonds us you could say.
We provided jail accommodations to three people this past week. With the current heat I’m not sure being confined to an air conditioned environment it so bad. Lt. Dear had a DWI arrest and Capt. Reyes arrested one for public intoxication. On arrest #3 Ofc. Lopez had a young man stopped for a traffic violation and he provided a false name and date of birth. He didn’t have any warrants but marijuana was found in his vehicle after he was detained. He was booked into jail for failure to ID and possession of marijuana. The odd thing is had he just given the officer his DL he would have been given a warning for an equipment violation and sent on his way. Just another example of how it is always better to tell the truth….
On Saturday Ofc. Joe Torres responded to Great Clips for a report of a snake trying to get in the front door. Torres arrested the 4’ rat snake (with the help of some good citizens) and released it to the wild. I was working and was going to assist Joe but I remembered I needed to check my email so I didn’t make it to the scene (I’m pretty much scared of snakes).
Do me a favor and don’t forget that it is illegal to discharge fireworks in the Lytle city limits. You may think it’s no big deal but I can bet that one of your neighbors thinks it is. If you like fireworks come out to the John Lott Park on the 4th of July, you can see some good fireworks at 9:30 PM. If you get there early enough you can score a free hot dog made with various ingredients.