Sleep rockin’

Just last week, Tucker woke up crying four times within an hour and a half time period. As I rolled out of bed and sleep walked to his room the third time I mumbled “I’m too old for this.” He didn’t want to be fed, didn’t need a new diaper, just wanted to be soothed and rocked a little.
It’s sweet to have a little soul who adores you so much and takes such great comfort in your arms, but man it’s hard to keep putting one foot in front of the other as you sleep walk to the crib at 3 am. And then it’s also hard for me not to fall asleep while I am trying to rock the baby to sleep.
The fourth time we got up that night, I laid him in the bassinet to see if he needed a new diaper and when I walked off around the corner I heard the cutest little whining cry in which I swear he cried “mamamamama.” Of course, I had no witnesses at 3 am, but I have to say it made it just a little easier to keep on sleep walking that night.
Thank goodness he seems to be getting back into sleeping all night again. My poor sister has it even worse, with her baby waking up every couple hours for months now. I don’t know how she has managed to function these past few months. That’s a lotta sleep rockin’!!!