Property crimes light

Looks like all the activity gravitated towards Poteet and the Strawberry Festival this past week. My favorite thing about the Poteet Strawberry Festival is that it is in Poteet and not Lytle. Our snapshot of the week looks like this: We had 56 calls for service and officers filed 73 cases with the municipal court. The vast majority being traffic related Class C misdemeanors but we also had a citation for illegal burning.
Only one arrest this past week and that was for a D.W.I., the fellow was transported to the Atascosa Co. Jail.
Property crimes were on the light side too, we had one storage unit broken into and several thousand dollars worth of tools and equipment were taken. The crooks cut off the renters locks and replaced it with their own. Maybe they were planning on making a return visit. Thieves are just like everybody else, they find a place they like and they want to go back again.
It’s nice when you can recover property for someone; luckily we were able to do that this past week. A cell phone was left in a basket at H.E.B. Plus and someone took it home. I guess they were using the “finders keepers, losers weepers” theory. The cell phone owner was able to use GPS to locate their phone and an Atascosa Co. Deputy Sheriff helped us recover it.
If you keep up with local politics you know that Lytle will be getting two new city council members in May. This is important to me because I work for and report directly to city council. One candidate was running unopposed and the District 3 race is contested. Regardless of who serves on city council I pledge my full support, unless of course they want to fire me then I will respectfully oppose their plan.