A Professional

A’Dell asked me to paint her nails the other day, and that’s something we haven’t done in quite awhile. All I could think of at first was the horrible smell and the bits of nail polish that will be forever stuck to my table from the last accident, so I put it off for a few days. She nailed me down yesterday afternoon though, and I painted her nails. Little did I know I was so good at it…
“Mom, you’re like a professional, or something!” she said. For once, it wasn’t all over her fingers. Then I got really ambitious and painted a smiley faces and hearts and stars on top of her nails to which she was really impressed. She spent the whole rest of the afternoon glancing down at her nails and blowing on them to make sure they were dry. It was really cute.
I had forgotten how fun it is to be 6 years old and get your nails painted! Polish away!