Property crimes but no arrests

Last week our officers handled 51 service calls and conducted 24 traffic stops. There were 14 citations issued along with 10 warnings.
We didn’t make any arrests this past week, I guess everybody that needed arresting was away on spring break. We did have some property crimes though. Somebody tried to steal a 2001 Chevy P/U from Bobby’s Used Cars. Luckily they didn’t know what they were doing, so they just messed up the ignition. Later in the week, at the business next door, the crook was more successful. Machinery Auctioneers (old Long and Assoc. building on IH-35) reported a 2003 F-250 was taken, along with a Snap-On tool box. The crooks also broke into another truck and took a battery as well as an iPhone. That would have happened sometime during the night of the Wed. March 13 or the early morning hours of Thursday March 14. To finish the week out a resident of the new Grand Somerset Apartments (on Lytle-Somerset St.) reported that somebody took $500 out of her purse, she said that two unknown people were helping her and perhaps they took it. Sometimes the stories we get told don’t really make sense.
I saw the plans for the Burger King that is going to be built on McDonald St. So it looks like you will be able to get a Whopper in Lytle before you know it. I have used their slogan “Have it your way” in police work a lot through the years. Mostly when dealing with difficult people and I am forced to tell them “This isn’t Burger King, you can’t have it your way.” I’m looking forward to maybe getting one those paper crowns if they still have them. Heck, I might even play on the indoor playground.