Preliminary construction cost for jail addition pegged at $12.5M

Been a while…knee replacement surgery is not all its cracked up to be. A month out and I have progressed from horrific to terrible to bad to ok. Good ain’t on the horizon yet. Been through the walker, the crutches and the cane and now,, just gotta manage the swelling. Some are over it in 3 weeks….others take months. Guess I’m in the middle. Rain updates for the Black Creek Metroplex are 2.1 inches for November so far and 44.3 inches for 2018.
We were presented with the plans for the Jail Addition and a preliminary construction cost for the project. The figure is $11,380,850 with a contingency of $1,138,885 bringing the total construction budget to $12,527,735. There has not been a start date determined yet. With the money (right at a million dollars) that we have put in our Reserves, we are going to be able to fund a portion of the construction costs for both the Jail Addition and the Courthouse Annex and lessen the amount of bonds that we are going to use to finance the entire project.
I missed the October 25th meeting and the November 8th meeting was short. Not a whole lot to expound on except items that affect subdivisions in Pct 2 north of Castroville and advertising for sealed bids for materials and other junk that is not very interesting.
Only 42 days till Christmas and 9 days from Thanksgiving which means that Christmas decorations are not put up legally for 10 more days. The Christmas commercials started way too soon and the political ads have ceased but the whining and lamenting has not. Our prayers are with the Bain family and hoping for a speedy recovery for Bill….reports are all good.