Edward Castro developed a charity out of pure generosity

For the past seven years, Natalia resident Edward Castro has gone with his family, children, and friends to downtown San Antonio on Christmas Eve to feed about 100-120 homeless folks. They take sandwiches, sodas, water, cookies, chips, and jackets, backpacks, and hygiene items. It’s now the time of year that donations and collections are being gathered.
This charity was begun by the Castro family back in 2011 “out of pure generosity and from our hearts,” Edward states. Since then, it has grown amazingly, with the Richard Morales family and the Bobby Contreras family now participating. Edward explains that it is a project that all the kids enjoy and look forward to every year, adding, “It paints a big picture for the kids. It teaches them life lessons and is an eye-opener.”
Edward adds that it has become a family tradition that following this “good deed” on Christmas Eve, the children are all treated to a dinner at Mama Margie’s.
A 1998 graduate of Natalia High School, Edward and his wife, Sabrina have six children: Eduardo Jr., Jeramiah, Megan, Mariah, Marissa, and Jordon Castro. All of the children except the oldest, Little Edward, are attending school in Natalia.
Edward spent 18 years working at Boeing in the aircraft business. He recently left the company to pursue his college degree in Early Childhood Education and coaching. Meanwhile, Edward has enjoyed coaching youth softball and baseball for many years, hosting youth baseball and softball tournaments in Natalia and has traveled with his family all over the United States for baseball and softball games.

In this group of volunteers, Edward Castro is on the bottom left with Bobby Contreras standing behind.

Some of the most exciting places the Castro family has visited are Steamboat Springs, CO, Lake Charles, LA, Panama City Beach, FL, and Omaha, NE, which, Edward states, “takes the cake!” They have traveled there twice during the NCAA College World Series, and the most exciting was in 2013 when their son Jeramiah won the “Omaha 12 Under” National Baseball Championship at The Battle of Omaha Tournament!
Other community work Edward participates in include long volunteer hours at the local Little League, contributing with donations to local toy drives for Christmas, and helping cook for the Natalia Athletic Boosters for the high school athletes.
About his Christmas Eve charity for the homeless in San Antonio, Edward says that he receives donations from complete strangers, oftentimes from people who see him promote it on FaceBook. He says, “I love this because they are contributing to a great cause, and they don’t even personally know me.” On that note, if anyone wants to participate, such items as clothing, jackets, and hygiene items will be welcomed. Edward Castro can be reached at 210-712-4687.
The Castro, Contreras, and Morales families are to be commended for showing their genuine concern in a way that truly makes a difference.