Precinct lines to be redrawn

Been a good summer so far…nothing over 100 degrees yet. Last rain we got was August 5th when we/I got a whole inch. According to the consistently inconsistent weather prognosticators, we are gonna have a hurricane hit South Texas in a week or so. May get some more rain then….for sure Jimmy’s Junk Yard in Brownsville will be wet.
Did a whole lotta vacating and re-platting before we moved into approving a Special Election concerning State Constitutional Amendments. Wish the Convention of States would hurry up and convene so that term limits at the national level can be implemented via Constitutional Amendment.
Election Judges were submitted by both the Republican and Democratic Chairs for approval. Now if they (folks in Austin) will pass the Voting Act, we can go on. Seems some don’t want voter ID but do want Covid ID. Guess the flood of uninvited guests, potential terrorists and criminals being scattered across the country would be potential voters using this logic.
We approved the increase in the purchase price of two additional buildings to be placed at the Weigh Station on IH 35 S. This will allow DPS to run an extra shift to address all the trucks travelling up and down IH 35 carrying who knows what (or who).
Got word that the final Certified Appraisal Totals are in and the tax rate is projected to go down. Appraisals are higher, tax rate is lower….same results (tax increase). I’m shooting for the Effective Tax Rate.
It is time to re-draw the Precinct lines again. Every 10 years after the Census is recorded, we use the population numbers to determine the boundaries. If it suits everyone, the lines will be adopted. If not, the disgruntled call it Gerrymandering and sue to get their way. Kinda like last time…
We have two folks who are more than qualified and are residents of Pct 4 who will be on the Citizens Committee. Ms. Ruby Vera from Natalia and Mr. Juan Billalobos from Devine have volunteered to sit on the Committee. Another local resident, Charlie Cupp, will represent Pct 3.
Tim Neuman and his crew, with a little help from the other Precincts, took down the Elections Building. Once removed, the parking lot for the Courthouse Annex can be completed. They are still holding on the August 27th opening date but, we’ll see. Renovations on the upper floor in the Castroville Annex are coming along and the second floor should be occupied soon.
Got word today that our brand new asphalt reclaimer will be delivered this Thursday, or Tuesday of next week. We oughta get our oil distributor truck in November and our chip spreader early next year.
Pray for more rain and our Nation. Only 129 days till Christmas…and 1 year, 4 months and 12 days to go.