Pct. 4 purchasing new tractor

June was a pretty good month. We got a little over 8.5 inches of rain, saw some 30 degree weather, some snow, rode through some sleet and hail and made it to the top of Pikes Peak on motorcycles again. Had to put my old bike out to pasture in Durango, and get a new one in order to make it back. Sandy even let me in the house when I got home after our 3,141 mile jaunt.
Commissioners Court approved payment for the purchase of the TxDOT property but ain’t paid for it yet cause the State don’t get in no hurry bout things like this. We are gradually moving in but neither the County Judge nor the State want to know about it.
We are still in the property acquisition stages for the construction of the new buildings. Someone asked me last week how the County was doing. When I told him that we were gonna be able to purchase the property and build the buildings without a tax increase, he seemed surprised and very appreciative.
Pct 4 is going through the motions of purchasing a new tractor cause the old one is in a constant state of needing repairs. I have contacted all of our tractor dealers in the County and even though it would probably be cheaper to expand my search, I have decided that I need to spend local tax dollars on businesses that pay taxes in Medina County.
Once we have a definite answer on our move and look at my available funds after buying the new location and tractor, IF there is enough money, we are going to start preparing to finish paving CR 6612 (Fish Hatchery Rd) from CR 676 to FM 463.
Rick Stewart was intrigued and excited that we were cleaning the right-of-way on CR 765 the other day and was wondering if we were gonna pave it soon. This stretch of road (about 4.5 miles) is gonna be re-done next Spring so Ted and Ruth Outlaw can drive to Devine without going through Moore.
Fixin to get hot and dry unless we get a hurricane. Only 169 more days till Christmas….