PAWS of Summer this weekend

The past week wasn’t too bad, even though it included the 4th of July. I think it was so hot that most people focused on staying cool – other than the city event at the park I didn’t see a lot of outside gatherings Our overview of activity included 52 service calls and the filing of 38 traffic cases with the municipal court.
We had a few property crimes which included a burglary of a mini storage unit (not sure if anything is missing); a theft of a gas valve on a BBQ grill ($35 loss) and the big crime was the theft of a motor vehicle from the Best Western. A 2005 red Ford pickup truck with a camper was taken; the fellow had a welder and a lot of tools in the bed. It occurred sometime late Thursday night or early Friday morning.
Only two arrests last week, one for an assault causing bodily injury at a domestic disturbance and one warrant arrest from a traffic stop for the same offense.
The biggest activity for the Lytle PD this past week was the city’s fireworks show at John Lott Park. From my estimation, and I have a reputation as a good estimator, it looked like the largest crowd ever. It was nice being on the 3rd so it didn’t interfere with everyone’s 4th of July plans. I know they ran out of hot dogs and related items. If you think free hot dogs are popular then you should check out the activity at the free snow-cone trailer when it’s 90 degrees in the shade. I almost had to call in the National Guard when the snow-cone lady quit serving at 9:30 PM. From the reactions on some of the people left standing in line you would think they were denied boarding on the last spacecraft leaving Earth before it exploded. Those snow-cones are darn flavorful and refreshing on a hot evening so I can see their side, too. We were concerned the fireworks display would be cancelled because the wind picked up a good bit, luckily the show was able to go on. It was a great display even though some malfunction caused it to be cut short by about 5 minutes.
Now this week’s big event is the Paws of Summer animal control fundraiser. It will be Saturday, July 15 at the Lytle Community Center, the doors open at 5 PM. I can’t believe that this is the 8th one already. The event will include all the fun stuff like a big silent auction and a real live band playing from 5:30 –7:00. The real drawing card here is the $5 hamburger plate, it’s the best deal in town and you can throw in a coke float for $2 more. No sitting outside in the heat, our community center has all the modern amenities like air conditioning and indoor plumbing. So this is a first class event and all the money goes to a good cause. Even if you aren’t a big “animal lover” you can “fake it” for a bit just to get access to the burgers and coke floats.