Big trouble

We just got back from the family reunion, and I’m always tickled at the conversations we have with one particular 3 year-old little cousin. Little Ms. Harper DuBose is three going on thirty. She speaks with such sophistication, always using big words, and complete sentences when she talks. Yet, she’s not prissy, she is just plain cute and surprising.
While Harper and A’Dell tried to catch some little fish with a net, she came running up to the bank to warn Uncle Charlie about a problem they were having. Instead of screaming, crying, or yelling, she walked up very calmly. She’s about two foot tall, very petite and cute as she can be, but she walked up that hill and posed like an old man chewing on a cigar or something. She put her hand on her hip and took a deep breath before calmly saying, “Uncle Charlie, we’ve got trouble.”
“What kind of trouble?” he said, keeping a good, straight face.
“We dropped the fish net in the water Uncle Charlie. Can you help us?” she replied.
Cousin Hayden quickly came to the rescue and retrieved the net, and they quickly went back to catching fish, and doing cannon balls and “pencil” jumps into the water.
Her mom says she’s constantly shocks them with what she says and what she understands. She shared that one day after Harper cleaned her room, she called her mom to come look. As they walked down the hallway, she warned her mother, “It’s actually impressive.” Her mom Lisa, replied, “Are you sure you are three years old?”
I think she’s going to grow up to be an Einstein, and her daddy Jr DuBose better watch out, because she’s awful smart.
In other conversations, I heard two little girl cousins (about 9 years old) talk about “trading brothers.” That was an interesting conversation you’ll only hear at a family reunion…..I don’t think any trades have been accepted so far!