Only 30 service calls

Wow we only had 30 calls for service this past week, holidays normally are either very slow or very busy and this Easter was nice and slow. Officers issued 65 Class C citations, with 20 of those being for speeding. Only two arrests, one on a Kerr Co. warrant for an original charge of Duty on Striking Fixture/Hwy. Landscape. He was transported to the Atascosa Co. Jail. The other was a “cite and release” on a drug paraphernalia case. We only had two reported property crimes. The first involved the theft of two bicycles from a residence on Cottage St. The bikes were recovered a few blocks away, I guess peddling a stolen bike was too much work so they dumped them and kept on walking. A lot of crooks are lazy like that. In the other instance a rear window was broken and a screen was damaged on a residence on Blume Dr. The house is vacant and it appears someone was trying to get in.
I was out of the office most of last week, Lt. Dear and I travelled to The Woodlands for the annual Texas Police Chiefs Assoc. conference. The conference went great and we were able to hear some awesome speakers and meet with a lot of vendors showcasing the latest and greatest products for law enforcement. Our keynote speaker was James Comey, the director of the FBI. He is a tall son of a gun (6’8”). He was entertaining, he kind of reminded me of a Yankee, suit-wearing version of Medina County Sheriff Randy Brown. Director Comey is a real busy guy and had to leave in a hurry but I’m sure had he had the time he would have sought me out for advice on Russia and Hillary’s emails. I was able to talk to lots of other chiefs and “network” as they call it. I especially enjoyed speaking with Chief Ronald Sanchez from Pleasanton PD; he is an awful nice fellow and reminds me a lot of myself (that’s one of the highest compliments I give). The only downside of the trip occurred when Lt. Dear and I were going to have our picture taken with the Easter Bunny at The Woodlands Mall but the line was too long.
Unfortunately I missed the city council meeting, and more importantly I missed the homemade strawberry shortcake served during the break. I was texted a picture and it looked real good. Normally Ms. Campa serves store bought cookies that are leftover from some other city event. Is it a coincidence that I missed the good stuff? I don’t think so. If that’s not creating a hostile work environment then I don’t know what is.