Helping the Easter Bunny

A’Dell’s questions about the Easter Bunny get harder and harder every year. There was no time to hide the fact that we were stuffing the eggs with candy ourselves, so we told her that the Easter Bunny picks up the eggs when he arrives to hide them, but that posed an awful problem when I started complaining that we were late on Easter morning. I was going on and on about how I can’t believe we were running so late on our way to my aunt’ s house for the Easter hunt, when suddenly A’Dell saw the bags of candy eggs sitting next to her and got really worried.
“Mom! Mom! Mom!” she yelled, “What about the Easter Bunny! Are we going to be too late to give him the eggs!?” she said with such exasperation.
“Uhhhhh-hhh, no honey. Uhhh, he’ll wait for us. I was just worried we’ll be late for lunch,” I eventually answered.
You can tell she really, really loves and wants to believe in the magic of the Easter Bunny because she usually accepts whatever I come up with, if it makes any sense at all.
On the way there, she had yet another epiphany though. She was wearing high heel church shoes, which aren’t exactly “PF Flyers.”
“Mom, do you think we should stop at home so I can change into my tennis shoes? So I can run faster to get the eggs?”
The funnest part of the day was sending a dozen little cousins (mostly 6 years old and under) into their teenage aunt/cousin’s room to be entertained while the Easter Bunny did what Easter Bunnies do. We–I mean the Easter Bunny–had several hundred eggs to hide, so I can only imagine the hysteria in that room while a dozen little munchkins waited to get the hunt started.
I’m glad the Easter Bunny needed my help outside!