No arrests this week

Another hot summer week has come and gone, at the current rate August could be a real scorcher. Our activity included 44 calls for police service and 61 Class C citations filed with the municipal court. We had a big zero in the arrested people’s column and we only had one property crime reported. So the crime of the week, which was our only reported offense, is the theft of a spare tire from a flatbed trailer parked at HEB Plus. The owner reported the tire to be valued at $30. Maybe our local thieves are saving up their energy for the 4th of July weekend?
Monday, July 3rd is quickly approaching so make plans now to attend the City of Lytle’s fireworks show at John Lott Park. The event opens at 7 PM with free hotdogs, drinks and snacks. For the kids there will also be inflatable bouncers and face painting! If you wait too long don’t be surprised if the hotdogs are all gone, free hotdogs are a staple of our events. It’s not uncommon for people to flock en masse to the park and stand in line for their hotdog. While the big news in San Antonio is the anticipation of a Triple A baseball team the big news in Lytle is that this year the city has splurged and we will be serving “all beef” hotdogs. It wouldn’t surprise me if we don’t have people camping out in the park the night before just to be first in line. The hotdogs are just the “teaser”; the big show is at 9:30 PM when the fireworks start. Bring your blankets and folding chairs and enjoy the evening.