No arrests

September is here and fall is in the air. Of course, our police department works around the clock all year long, so the rain, cold, wind, snow, etc. doesn’t make a difference…we are here to serve. I left out heat; I couldn’t get any of the officers to agree that the heat didn’t bother us. Last week we handled 43 calls for service, so that number was low.
We didn’t “book” anybody into jail this past week. We did cite one adult male for possession of drug paraphernalia, which was the result of a traffic stop. Another female was cited for theft at H.E.B. Plus after she passed all points of sale with $30 worth of plants.
Other crimes reported included: A business on Main St. reported a 9 MM handgun was stolen, a Blume Dr. resident reported that his and his neighbor’s Trump signs were taken and a female reported her cell phone was taken while she was in the H.E.B. Plus parking lot.
The crime of the week…..A couple of fellows tried to break into the ATM at Community National Bank. They used a roofing hammer, they did some damage…but walked away empty-handed. If you could defeat an ATM with a roofing hammer, everybody would do it. Well, maybe not everybody would do it….maybe just crooks looking for a fast buck.
We had a little excitement Saturday. Border Patrol reported an 18 wheeler tractor with human cargo stashed in the fairing above the cab. The vehicle was headed north on IH-35. Cpl. Robison located the truck and got it stopped. We could see two people up there but it took a while to get them to come down. We initially thought they might be injured or worse. One surrendered to us and the other fled on foot. I guess he sized me up and figured he could outrun me…well I did okay for the first 2-3 seconds. Border Patrol arrived and took custody of the scene. The one who fled wasn’t located.
The Legacy Bowl has come and gone, Natalia defeated Lytle for the 6th straight year. At least our small-town football rivalry game wasn’t a victim of the COVID-19 Pandemic. It doesn’t seem fair…Natalia won the Legacy Bowl and got a new Post Office.
With our National Night Out event being canceled, I am sure people are wondering how they are going to get one of those free plastic cups we hand out. My plan hasn’t been approved but I’m thinking about making them available online. The cups and shipping would be free; you would just need to pay a $14.99 handling charge. Need more than one cup? No problem, additional cups would incur a $6.99 handling charge for each one (of course). If this gets approved, I am sure you will have to act fast since we will only offer this for a limited amount of time. Another option I’m looking at is we just carry some around with us and give them out to people.
It has been about 6 months since I have sat down in a restaurant or been in a pew at church…..I never thought I would be able to say that. Sermons online and take-out food just are not the same.
It has also been about 6 months since we have had kids attending on-campus instruction. So I would guess people have gotten accustomed to no school zones, which also equates to no cops writing tickets in said school zones. Well….the kids are back, at least some of them. Please familiarize yourself with the school zone speed limits and times. The city streets are marked with signs, the times are included. The school zone on FM 2790 has flashing lights that are activated when the zone is active, these are controlled by TXDOT. Please don’t add a traffic ticket for speeding in a school zone to the list of junk you are already dealing with during this amazing 2020.