Tucker’s tongs

Tucker has discovered that the kitchen tongs have many uses beyond flipping bacon. He finds them very interesting, and wants to use the tongs for everything the past few days.
He even uses his tongs to take his toys out of the toy basket and distribute them across the living room, one at a time so thoughtfully.
Yesterday I was lugging a heavy basket of laundry down the hallway to the laundry room, and before I could open the door, the little gentleman stepped in front of me to open it (using his tongs to turn the handle).
Of course, he couldn’t, because we have a child proof door knob to keep him out, but it was a gallant gesture anyways and sure made me smile to watch him try.
Tucker is also a big fan of trains and especially Thomas the Train. He a small Thomas train toy, and also a ride on train. This morning, I watched as he gave his little train a ride on the big train. Then he picked up one of A’Dell’s baby dolls and tried to feed it a real bottle. It was a little messy but so cute. After that, he tried to give the raggedy limp little doll a ride on the train and patiently tried to sit her on the train over and over as she fell off immediately. He finally picked her up and pulled her up close, looking straight into her eyes with a stubborn annoyed face, before giving up.
Now if only I can convince Tucker to carefully use his tongs to pick up all of his toys and put them up. That would be some great tongs!