Neighbors and firemen come to the rescue

Local firefighters came to the rescue and helped neighbors of a homeowner finish putting out a vehicle fire and storage shed fire and keeping it from spreading.
Devine VFD – Around 4:30pm on August 25 the Devine Fire Department was toned out for a fire around the 200 block of CR 779. Information given was not sure if it was a structure or not. We asked for additional Departments to assist; thank you Natalia, Moore, Bigfoot and Lytle. Once on scene and the department got a great knock down we cancelled additional units. Total loss of a vehicle and storage shed. Our thoughts and prayers for all involved.
“Our neighbors shed and car was a total loss, seeing all of our other neighbors who stopped and pitched in to help control it before the fire department was able to get here was amazing!” commented Krystal Harrell on a social media post. “Thank you the Devine Fire Department and other firefighters who worked hard to control it to keep it from spreading to the neighbors house! I know our neighbors are beyond grateful to all who stopped and came to help!” Harrell said.