National Night Out

Last week at Lytle PD …. We had 66 calls for service and conducted 77 traffic stops. Those traffic stops resulted in 58 citations and 19 warnings.
Officers made 5 arrests last week, and all of them were from traffic stops. #1 – The driver stopped on Main St. had an active felony warrant for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon (Bexar Co.). He was transported to the Atascosa Co. Jail. #2 – A traffic stop on Lytle-Somerset St. resulted in a “cite and release” for possession of drug paraphernalia. #3 – A traffic stop on Main St. resulted in the arrest of a male for possession of a controlled substance (meth). He was booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail. #4 – A traffic stop on Wisdom Rd. resulted in a “cite and release” for possession of drug paraphernalia. #5 – A traffic stop on Lytle-Somerset resulted in an arrest for Driving While License Invalid w/a prior conviction. He was booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail.
Officers took reports of 3 property crimes last week. #1 – A victim reported that their mini-storage unit was forcibly entered, and two baby crib mattresses valued at $60 were missing. I would classify that as an “odd” theft for sure. #2 – A N. Prairie St. resident reported that the back window of her vehicle had been “busted” out. It looks as if someone hit it with a bat or pipe. #3 – While on patrol, officers noticed that paintballs had struck the glass storefront windows of Little Caesars, Sun Loan, Twin Liquors, and Lytle Nail and Spa (they are all next to each other in the same shopping strip). There was no damage to the windows.
If you have been down Somerset St., you might notice the new 25 MPH signs. Public Works recently completed the installation. Diaz St., N. Prairie, and N. Benton are scheduled to have signs installed in the future as well. Please keep an eye out and watch your speed.
Lytle-Somerset St. was the first to have the 25 MPH signs installed. We compared the old and the new data from our speed trailer, and it shows that reducing the speed limit from 30 MPH to 25 MPH resulted in the average speed being reduced by 5 MPH. So that is good news if it works on all the other streets targeted for 25 MPH limits.
What else is happening? A big fireworks show is planned for Monday, July 4th. The event will be held at John Lott Park, it has been two years since we put on a show. It is one of the most popular events the city host.
We are also looking forward to our first National Night Out event since 2019! It will be on the first Tuesday in Oct. (the 4th). Yes, I know it is still a long way off. I am already preparing the menu. We usually provide hotdogs and soft drinks at our NNO event, but with the rising cost of food I may be reduced to serving just crackers and water and the water wouldn’t even be bottled.