Wind in our hair, bugs in our mouth

I finally found a good old golf cart that’s raggedy enough that I got it for $1,100. I’ve been looking for many months, because golf carts these days cost more like a small car. I learned how to drive in a golf cart, and I thought it would be good practice for A’Dell, too.
The best part is, golf carts, at least old golf carts, only go about 10 MPH at most, and that’s really pushing it. My dad bought me and my siblings a golf cart to drive around the ranch for that very reason. My golf cart was really slow though, topped out around 5 MPH, but I loved it none the less. We got a little battery charged radio and cruised around the ranch at 5 MPH all day long, wind in our hair, hands on the steering wheel.
One of my funniest memories was with my cousin, Cindy. We were cruising around one day, feeling cool, singing along to our little radio that was duct taped to the dash. Only problem was, bugs kept flying into our mouths (along with the wind in our hair)! So we got the ingenious idea to wrap several rounds of seran wrap around the two front posts of the golf cart like a windshield. I don’t think that get-up would have passed inspection, but we were sure proud of ourselves for coming up with that idea. We were always doing something crazy to “fix up” our golf cart and make it more like the cool vehicle we were dreaming of.
The new golf cart that I bought this weekend has a little bed in the back of the cart. My teenage daughter was so happy about getting a golf cart that she solemnly swore she would take out the trash every day now, because she can drive it to the dumpster instead of carrying it. I wanted to make sure to put that in writing!
Yep, I think this old golf cart is going to be worth every penny. We got her a little battery-operated radio, too, so I have a feeling … it’s only a matter of time before my daughter breaks out the seran wrap!