Natalia XC improving; Gilkey places 7th at FEAST

Noah Gilkey finished i 7th place at the FEAST Invitational.

Natalia took to the course the past Saturday at the FEAST Invitational. Noah Gilkey led the Mustangs placing 7th in Division B with a time of 17:26. Meg Martinez led the Lady Mustangs with a 50th place, 15:16 time.
Division B girl’s team
1st Gonzales 39, 2nd Tuloso-Midway 51, 3rd Grace Academy of Georgetown 84, 4th Burnet 111, 5th Lytle 115, 6th Boerne High, 7th Natalia 206.

The Lady Mustang runners are Kendall Tanner, Meg Martinez, Addison Crowther, Trista Boucher, Liberty Gilkey, Britney Castro, and Jasmine Riso.

Lady Mustangs
50th Meg Martinez 15:16, 53rd Trista Boucher, 58th Addison Crowther 15:49, 65th Kendall Tanner 16:44, 70th Britney Castro 18:09, 72nd Liberty Gilkey 18:44, 74th Jasmine Riso 19:02.
Division B boy’s team
1st Lytle 45, 2nd 620 Running 70, 3rd Randolph 88, 4th Boerne High 111, 5th Unattached 133, 6th Natalia 149.

The Mustang runners are Devin Chapa, Devin McDole, David Silva, Max Rodriguez, Coltin Richardson, Donovan Hawkins, Noah Gilkey, Fabian Ruiz, Jared Stallworth, Isaac Rios, and Logan Chapa.

7th Noah Gilkey 17:26, 30th Coltin Richardson 19:13, 35th David Silva 19:28, 39th Isaac Rios 19:37, 43rd Donovan Hawkins 19:45, 71st Devin Chapa 22:05, 77th Fabian Ruiz 22:28, 81st Logan Chapa 23:04, 86th Devin McDole 23:44, 91st Max Rodriguez 24:56.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer