Natalia Police Report

Feb. 27
6:36 PM – Officer dispatched to FM 471 in reference to a suspicious female in the women’s bathroom. Officer contacted the store clerk and was informed it was a white female who is a known narcotics user. Officer had the clerk go with him to clear the women’s bathroom in order to make contact with the female. Officer had the female step outside in order to check her welfare and see why she was in the bathroom for so long. The female was checked for narcotics, which resulted in no drugs being found. She was waiting for a ride, so after completing the investigation, she was asked to leave the property and not return.
6:48 PM – Officer went to the 300 block of Aubrey St. in reference to a civil matter. Officer contacted the reportee and she advised that she and her husband were going through a divorce and that he had taken property that belonged to her and wanted it back. Officer informed the reportee that he could call the other party and ask to return the item, but it really needed to be handled in civil court.
Feb. 28
7:42 AM – Officer dispatched to assist a DPS trooper who was on a traffic stop on Hwy. IH-35 N. near the 127 exit. Officer arrived on scene and was informed by the trooper that the driver might be in possession of a stolen motorcycle. After further investigation, the trooper arrested the driver for the stolen motorcycle.
Mar. 1
8:50 PM – Officer dispatched to Security State Bank for an alarm. Officer walked around the bank and all the doors and windows were intact, with no forced entry.
Mar. 3
4:30 PM – Officer dispatched to the 300 block of Bennett St. in reference to harassment. Officer contacted the reportee and she informed that her husband, who is no longer living with her, continues to call her on a daily basis, harassing her over the phone. Officer advised the reportee to change her number or block his number from her phone. Officer was able to contact the husband on the phone and explained he shouldn’t contact his wife anymore. The husband advised he understood and hung up the phone.
8:10 PM – Officer dispatched to the 700 block of Miller St. and FM 471 for shots fired. Officer gathered all of the information necessary from both parties and attempted to locate where the shots fired may have come from. Officer was unsuccessful.