Natalia Police Report May 27-June 1

May 27

10:30 PM – Officer responded to the roadside park at mile marker 127 going southbound about a couple in a gray Dodge Ram pickup that pulled into the roadside arguing. Officer arrived at the location and was unable to locate the couple and cleared the scene.
May 29
1:09 PM – Officer responded to the intersection of 8th and Kearney St. about a lapsed assault. Officer arrived on location and contacted the suspect and gave him a citation for assault (simple).
3:35 PM – Officer responded to IH-35 access road and CR 6860 to assist on a crash. Officer arrived on location and assessed the scene and checked for injuries. EMS was called and the officer conducted traffic control until he was released from the crash by a Trooper.
5:46 PM – Officer responded to the Natalia Police Department to speak to a parent about her daughter’s cell phone. It was later discovered the cell phone was in fact at the middle school and was released back to her, given a property receipt.
7:15 PM – Officer responded to the 400 block of Palfrey St. about a civil standby. Officer made contact with the two parties, while the other one collected his clothes from his mother’s house. The son was given a verbal criminal trespass warning in front of the officer, then he left.
8:27 PM – Officer responded to the 1800 block of Hwy. 132 to meet the complainant. Officer spoke to the complainant about what occurred and he stated his uncle had gotten mad at him for asking him about paying him back some money owed to him. The uncle got mad and broke a back truck window with a machete, causing serious damage. The officer investigated the allegation and went and spoke to the uncle. The uncle did in fact confess to breaking the glass, but not with a machete. Officer took the uncle into custody and transported him to the Medina County Jail.
May 30
2:22 PM – Officer contacted a man that was upset because his wife was with another man and asked the officer if he knew of anyone that would be willing to hurt both his wife and boyfriend. The officer was shocked at the request being made and advised him that he couldn’t do that. The man insisted that he look up the guy’s information and give it to him so he could go confront him. The officer advised the man that the request was illegal and wrong. The officer is investigating this case.
8:33 PM – Officer responded to the 200 block of 5th St. about smoke in the area. Officer contacted a resident who was burning trash on the grass and was not supposed to burn unless it was in a containment. The man put out the fire and advised he would comply with the officer’s request.
May 31
10:09 AM – Officer was contacted by a victim of identity theft. Officer collected all her information and attempted to contact the bank that the credit card was issued and was unable to speak to a live person. Case pending.
1:09 PM – Officer responded to Love’s Truck Stop for a female that had fallen down, lost consciousness, and hit the back of her head really hard on the concrete. EMS was called out to the scene and assessed the patient. The lady was transported to a San Antonio hospital for further examination.
June 1
10:49 AM – Officer responded to the 400 block of Aubrey St. about a patient with trouble breathing. Officer arrived on scene with EMS. The man was transported to an area hospital in San Antonio for emergency treatment.
7:03 PM – Officer received a call from a complainant about his nephew going to burn his house down. Officer asked the complainant if he heard him tell him that and the complainant stated it was secondhand information only. The complainant stated he didn’t want his nephew on his property any more.
9:21 PM – Officer responded to IH-35 southbound about a single car rollover. The Trooper and EMS were on scene already. Officer assisted in traffic control and later cleared the scene without incident.