Natalia Police Report March 24-April 5

March 24
6:00 PM – Officer called to the 400 block of Miller St. by father of the child at the residence because it was the father’s weekend to see the child. Father knocked on the door but no one answered. Officer gave the father a case number.
March 25
5:15 PM – Officer dispatched to the 700 block of Palfrey St. Officer was contacted by the property owner, who stated his daughter was playing in the backyard and the neighbor’s dogs came into his yard and scared his daughter. Officer went next door and made contact with the dogs’ owner and requested the dogs be secured.
10:50 PM – Officer responded to the 600 block of Palfrey St. for a disturbance between two male subjects. Contact was made with both males. Each stated they had just had an argument and one of the males wanted to depart the location. The mother of the male subject was at the location to pick him up. No one wanted to file charges.
11:45 PM – Officer responded to Rossville St. and Blackjack Ln. to assist Devine PD with a disturbance. Officer made location and acted as a cover officer until released from the scene.
March 26
11:08 AM – Officer assisted with a funeral escort from Natalia First Baptist Church to Devine Evergreen Cemetery.
March 28
5:00 PM – Officer responded to the intersection of Cresson St. at 4th St. for a crash report. At location, officer found two vehicles that had come into contact with each other after one vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign. Citations were issued.
March 29
4:55 PM – Officer responded to the area of 8th and Kearney St. about a dumpster on fire. Officer had the Natalia Fire Department paged out to put out the fire. The fire was later extinguished. Officer cleared the call and went back in service.
March 30
4:03 PM – Officer responded to the 2100 blk. of Hwy. 132 N. about a verbal disturbance between sisters. Officer spoke to the complainant and she stated her sister walked into her house without permission, and she didn’t want her in her house. Officer went and spoke to the other sister, and she denied ever going into the house, but was outside dropping off food for her niece, who lived with her mother at that location. No further action taken.
March 31
10:46 PM – Officer responded to the 600 blk. of Moore Ave. in Devine about an unresponsive female on the floor. Officer arrived and went inside to assist an officer and EMS on scene. Officer helped with providing oxygen and chest compressions. EMS later placed the female in the ambulance and transported her to a San Antonio hospital.
April 1
Officer responded to the 700 blk. of Palfrey St. about a verbal disturbance between mother and son. Officer arrived on scene and spoke to both parties in question. The argument was over the son’s girlfriend’s loose dog and that it might bite someone. There was no further action taken.
April 3
10:22 PM – Officer responded to Love’s Truck Stop about a verbal disturbance inside the Subway. Officer arrived on scene and made contact with one half of the party, and he stated he and his common law wife live in the 500 blk. of CR 770 with another female and have been having a lot of problems with her. Officer gathered all the information of all three subjects and cleared the scene. There was no further action taken.
April 5
2:27 PM – Officer responded to the 1800 blk. of Hwy. 132 N. about the complainant’s prescription medication that comes in the mail from Virginia. It has not arrived, and complainant thinks it may have been stolen. Officer advised the complainant to call the US Postal Service and inquire about a tracking number for the package. Officer later cleared the call.