Natalia Police Report June 13-17

June 13
5:45 PM – Officer responded to the 1400 block of CR 772 in reference to a fire. Officer arrived on location and the fire had already been put out by the homeowner. Natalia VFD arrived to make sure the fire was out completely. Officer cleared the scene and went back in service.
6:38 PM – Officer responded to FM 471 and the IH-35 E. access road in reference to a stalled box truck. Officer spoke to the driver and determined the truck had run out of diesel. A Love’s roadside truck showed up with some diesel and got the truck off the roadway. Officer cleared the scene without incident.
June 14
12:06 AM – Officer responded to IH-35 N. past mile marker 130 in reference to a vehicle rollover. Officer arrived on the scene along with AMR EMS. The vehicle was in the center median, out of the roadway. A Medina County Deputy and DPS arrived on scene, and officer cleared the scene.
6:40 PM – Officer responded to the 300 block of Walton St. in reference to a civil matter. Officer made contact with the complainant and later determined that the complainant and her husband had bought their daughter a cell phone from Sprint on a lease program worth over $600. The daughter decided to leave the house and move in with her mother in Lytle, taking the phone. The complainant wanted the phone back since she was not going to be living in their house. The daughter returned the phone to them the next day.
June 16
1:45 PM – Officer responded to IH-35 N. at mile marker 125 for a vehicle rollover. Officer assisted with traffic control until DPS arrived on scene and took over.
1:48 PM – Officer was dispatched to IH 35 N at mile marker 125 in ference to a major crash vehicle roll over. Officer arrived on scene and collected information from DPS until they arrived to take over the scene. Officer worked traffic control, until DPS Trooper arrived on scene and conducted an accident investigation. Officer later cleared the scene once it was safe to let traffic through.
8:35 PM – Officer responded to the 700 block of 4th St. in reference to harassment. Officer spoke to the complainant, who stated another male subject had been driving in front of his residence in a white Ford F-150, pointing his fingers at the complainant as if he wanted to shoot him. Officer gathered his information and left the scene in an attempt to locate the vehicle, when he received another call of a fight in progress at the complainant’s residence. Officer arrived back on location and was given a description by the complainant of who assaulted him. Officer collected all information and advised the complainant the case would be investigated.
June 17
5:45 PM – Officer responded to CR 6847 to assist Natalia, Lytle, and Devine VFDs with traffic control until a fire was put out. Officer then went back into service.
7:45 PM – Officer responded to the 400 block of 5th St. in reference to a verbal disturbance. Officer made contact with the complainant, who informed the officer her brother-in-law was yelling at her, her husband, and elderly father for some money. Officer was told the brother-in-law was upset because his father was going to stay in San Antonio with the complainant and her husband. Officer was unable to contact the angry brother. Officer cleared the scene without further incident.