Natalia Police Report July 3-9

July 3
2:45 PM – Officer was requested to assist Child Protective Services with a home visit in the 600 block of 4th St. Officer assisted until CPS cleared location.
July 4
3:33 PM – Officer responded to Hwy. 132 at CR 6812 to assist local fire departments and Medina County Sheriff’s deputies with a fire in the area. Traffic control assistance was given.
5:02 PM – Officers were dispatched to the 600 block of Flores St. for a disturbance. Officers discovered a fight had broken out in the 200 block of 3rd St. between two brothers. One of the brothers was hit over the head with an object. EMS was requested to check out the injured person, who was transported to a hospital in San Antonio. Investigation continues.
9:30 PM – Officer came across an injured deer while on patrol. The deer was severely injured and was euthanized.
July 5
7:55 PM – Officer dispatched to the 600 block of Flores for a reported structure fire. Once on location, officer discovered only the grass was on fire, not the building. Fire department made location and extinguished the fire.
10:00 PM – Officers responded to a major crash on IH-35 S. at rest area. Officers assisted with the scene until other units made location, then assisted with traffic control.
July 6
12:56 PM – Officer responded to a disturbance in the 500 block of CR 6851 for a report of a person being dragged by a car. Officer made location and found no one being dragged by a car, but did locate a victim of an assault. The scene was secured until deputies made location, where the scene was turned over to them.
6:46 PM – Officer responded to the 2200 block of CR 772, where contact was made with the complainant, who stated as they were in the 300 block of Aubrey St. dropping off a friend, she was assaulted by a male subject. Case under investigation.
7:35 PM – Officer was contacted by the vehicle owner, who stated while they were at Love’s Truck Stop, unknown actor(s) gained access into their vehicle by an unlocked door and removed property from the inside of the vehicle.
8:30 PM – Officer was contacted by a complainant who stated as she was at the Dollar Store, looking at items located in the front of the store to purchase, she sat her wallet down, walked into the store, and when she remembered her wallet, walked out and discovered the wallet was gone. Officer was able to get the surveillance video from the store, where it shows a female subject picking up the wallet. Case under investigation.
July 7
11:02 AM – Officer assisted with a funeral escort on FM 471 at IH-35 for Hurley Funeral Home.
July 8
1:57 AM – Officer was dispatched to the 2500 block of Hwy. 132 for a vehicle alongside the roadway. As officer was at location, the vehicle owner called to advise they had a flat tire on the vehicle and would pick up the vehicle at daylight once CD Tires opened up.
July 9
6:47 PM – Officer was dispatched to IH-35 around the 127 mile marker for a reckless driver in a red Mazda with paper tags. A search of the area was conducted, but officer was unable to locate.
8:52 PM – Officer responded to Love’s Truck Stop to assist EMS with a call of a male subject having chest pains. At location, officer found the male subject, who stated he had just been released from the hospital from a vehicular accident and was now having chest pain. EMS made location and transported the subject to a hospital in San Antonio.
9:11 PM – Officer was dispatched to Love’s Truck Stop for an unwanted person on location. At location, officer was informed of a person wanting to stay at location. Officer made contact with the subject, where management informed the male subject he was not welcome on their property. Male subject was given a criminal trespass warning.
10:14 PM – Officer responded to the Natalia Field House for an alarm. Officer checked the building and found it secure.