Natalia Police Report Feb. 15-25

Feb. 15
5:15 PM – Officer responded to the 500 block of Aubrey St. about a verbal disturbance. Officer arrived on location and made contact with the complainant. He stated he and his nephew were arguing about him getting a job and being very disrespectful. The officer was advised if he found his nephew for him not to return back to his residence.
Feb. 16
10:47 AM – Officer responded to assist a DPS trooper on a male subject who ran from him on a traffic stop on foot into the wooded area behind Love’s Truck Stop. Officers from surrounding agencies assisted in the search and Medina County Deputies subsequently apprehended the suspect on the W. IH-35 access road. The officer cleared the scene and went back on duty.
Feb. 18
7:16 PM – Officer responded to assist Devine Police Dept. with a chase of a motorcycle going north towards Natalia. Officer later caught up with Devine PD and provided cover. The officer later cleared the scene and went back in service.
8:08 PM – Officer responded to Love’s back parking lot for a private property crash involving two 18-wheeler trucks. Officer arrived on scene and contacted the two drivers. Officer gave both drivers a blue form and explained the information to both drivers. The drivers both understood the instructions and the officer cleared the scene.
Feb. 19
7:13 PM – Officer responded to the 1300 block of CR 770 about a one-year-old child accidentally locked inside a vehicle. Medina County deputies arrived on scene and later determined to break out a back window of the vehicle to gain entry and take the baby out. Officer later arrived on scene and provided assistance. The baby was checked out by EMS and later returned to its mother with no serious injuries.
8:45 PM – Officer responded to Love’s about an intoxicated person on the property. Officer contacted the manager and he informed the officer the man was walking out of the store bathrooms and appeared very unsteady on his feet as if he was highly intoxicated. The man got into his blue pickup and left the property onto N. IH-35. The officer attempted to locate the driver but was unable to.
Feb. 20
7:35 AM – Officer responded to the 500 block of Aubrey St. about an individual trespassing onto their property. Officer arrived on location and confronted the individual. Officer stated the homeowner did not want the suspect on his property and had a criminal trespass issued him.
Feb. 21
2:48 PM – Officer responded to 6th and Pearson St. about a white male walking on the street who was possibly intoxicated. Officer checked out with him and later determined the man was not intoxicated, but he did say he had bad feet and walked funny. The officer later released the individual and went back in service.
8:33 PM – Officer responded to the 400 block of 4th St. about a suspicious white SUV driving around the area very slowly. Officer arrived in the area and searched the area but was unable to locate it.
Feb. 22
9:46 AM – Officer was on his way to Hondo to file some cases when he responded to assist a deputy with a vehicle refusing to stop on a traffic stop due to a hit and run. The deputy was able to get the car stopped north of Hondo Creek. Officer made location to check on the deputy and was okay. The officer went back in service.
11:43 AM – Officer received several calls of stray dogs in the 400 block of 7th St. Officer was able to capture two of the dogs with a trap. The dogs were taken to the Natalia Kennels, where they were fed food and fresh water. The officer cleared the call and went back in service.
3:32 PM – Officer responded to the corner of Pearson and 7th St. about a solicitor going door to door. Officer confronted the man, who was properly identified. The officer advised the man if he didn’t have a permit from the city, he could not speak to any more people about what he was saying. The officer gave the man a courtesy ride to Love’s, where his boss later picked him up.
11:20 PM – Officer responded to the 2600 block of Hwy. 132 about a man having seizures and being violent. Officer arrived on scene with EMS. The EMS personnel later transported the man to Medina Regional Hospital for further medical evaluations.
Feb. 25
12:20 AM – Officer responded to the 400 block of Kearney St. about a vehicle parked in front of a residence. Officer arrived on location and contacted the homeowner. The owner later told the officer the car belonged to his niece and didn’t know she had left it parked in front of his yard. The officer later cleared the scene.