Natalia Police Report August 28-September 1

August 28
9:12 AM – Officer responded to the 2500 block of Hwy. 132 to assist EMS loading up a patient.
11:10 PM – Officer responded to the 770 Exit and IH-35 N. about an 18-wheeler blocking the roadway. Officer observed the truck, then notified Medina County dispatch, who then notified a DPS trooper. The trooper arrived on the scene and called Morales Towing to move the truck, which had been stuck.
August 30
11:48 AM – Officer responded to the 400 block of 4th St. about a dog fight. Officer made contact with the victim, who stated she was walking her dog, and her dog was attacked by another dog from the 800 block of 4th St. Officer spoke to the owner of the dog in the 800 block of 4th St. and advised them of the city ordinance leash law. No charges filed.
1:28 PM – Officer responded to the 22000 block of FM 463 in Devine about a burglary in progress involving three Hispanic males in a black SUV. Unable to locate.
9:08 PM – Officer responded to the 400 block of Palfrey St. about a verbal disturbance. Officer spoke to both parties involved, then determined it would be appropriate if one of the parties left the residence for the night to avoid further fighting. The male subject voluntarily left the residence without further incidence.
August 31
6:12 PM – Officer responded to Love’s Truck Stop about a male subject trying to walk out of the store without paying for some items. Officer spoke to the person and didn’t know the items he had were voided. The patron paid for his items and left the store.
6:40 PM – Officer responded to a call about a disturbance in the county. Officer arrived on scene, where a person with a knife had fled the scene. Officer notified Medina County deputies and held the scene until they arrived.
11:57 PM – Officer responded to the 500 block of 5th St. about a verbal disturbance. Officer spoke to the parties involved. Officer advised the aggressor would leave the residence to prevent any further problems.
September 1
4:30 PM – Officer responded to a disturbance in the 400 block of 4th St. that was lapse in nature. Officer later found out that one of the subjects involved in the disturbance had active warrants for his arrest. Officers went to the residence in the 400 block of 4th St. in an attempt to locate him. He was located, and after a brief foot pursuit, he was captured behind his residence. He was transported to the Medina County Jail without incident.
9:40 PM – Officer responded to 6th St. and Palfrey St. about a suspicious person. Officer contacted the person in question and asked him what he was doing. The suspect stated he was trying to walk around and get Wi-Fi for his phone. Officer later advised him to go home and not bother anyone and acting suspicious.
11:40 PM – Officer was informed by the chief that a woman wanted to report her vehicle as stolen. Officer collected all of the information needed to complete a report. Officer asked the victim if she left the door unlocked, and if she thought it might have been repossessed or taken by her spouse. The victim stated it was neither of those suggestions. A report was generated and faxed to the Medina County Sheriff’s Office to be put into the computer as a stolen vehicle. No suspects at this time.