Natalia Police Report Aug. 30-Sept. 20

August 30
7:34 PM – Officer responded to the 1900 blk. of FM 463 about an assault that occurred at a residence and needed additional officer to assist. Officer arrived with a deputy and assisted with the call. The officer later cleared the call and went back in service.
Sept. 15
10:52 PM – Officer responded to the 200 blk. of 9th St. about a disturbance. Officer arrived on location and made contact with the victim. Officer was advised her estranged husband who does not live with her and their three children went over to the residence and was beating on the front and back doors very hard, finally gaining entry into the back door unwanted. The estranged husband broke her computer and keyboard. The victim refused to file charges at this time.
Sept. 16
6:35 PM – Officer responded to the 2000 block of Hwy. 132 N. about a lapsed burglary of a building. Officer was advised someone had pushed open a window on the north side of the building which is located next to the lottery tickets and took approximately $1,900 in lottery tickets. Case pending.
Sept. 18
10:00 AM – Officer responded to the 1700 blk. of Hwy. 132 N. about a lapsed burglary. Officer contacted the victims and they pointed out two points of entry into the house, a list of items found on the floor not written by the homeowners of items to be taken out of the residence. The officer collected all his information and processed the crime scene. Case pending.
3:52 PM – Officer responded to the 400 blk. of 4th St. about child custody issue. Officer spoke to the complainant, and he stated he and his live-in girlfriend have been arguing a lot and has gotten physical at times and want to split up, but two small children are involved. Officer informed him and later his girlfriend that they were going to have to get attorneys involved and take the child custody to court. Officer also told the two they also needed to speak to a judge about splitting the property inside the house.
5:10 PM – Officer responded to the 2500 blk. of Hwy. 132 N. about an unusual circumstance. Officer spoke to the caller and she stated her mother-in-law wants to tell the police that they or someone went into her bedroom and took her jewelry box. Officer spoke to the older woman and she stated someone went into her room, dumped all her stuff from inside her jewelry box into a bucket, and just took the empty box. Officer was informed the elderly woman takes insulin amongst other medications, but does not take them as the doctor has ordered. Officer believes the elderly woman is mistaken about her jewelry box and has just misplaced the box somewhere in her room.
Sept. 19
3:52 PM – Officer responded to the 700 blk. of 3rd St. to assist the Chief with a warrant service. Officer arrived on location and later took a suspect into custody and later transported him to the Medina County Jail for interfering with emergency call requesting assistance warrant.
11:50 PM – Officer assisted Medina County Sheriff’s Office with a warrant service in the 700 blk. of 6th St. Deputies took their suspect into custody and later cleared the call.
Sept. 20
12:56 PM – Officer responded to the 700 blk. of Pearson St. about a disturbance. Officer arrived and spoke to the reportee, who stated she did not want her father-in-law and his girlfriend at her house and wanted them to leave. Officer asked both of them to quietly leave the property per authority of the homeowner and they both did so without further incident.