Natalia Police Report April 7-11

April 7
6:12 PM – Officer responded to the 400 blk. of Miller St. about a child swap. Officer arrived on location and made contact with the male complainant and female in question. The female didn’t turn over the child, but did let the father see his son and left shortly after that. There was no further action taken.
April 8
2:10 PM – Officer responded to IH-35 N. of FM 471 northbound about a male subject lying on the ground under a tree. Officer made contact with the male subject and all was okay with the subject. Officer cleared the scene.
April 10
7:12 AM – Officer responded to the 700 blk. of 6th St. about criminal mischief. Officer stated she was waiting in her truck with her child for the bus to arrive at the 1500 blk. of CR 772 in Natalia when the lady’s ex-husband walked up to her location, yelling and screaming at her, and then punctured one of her tires with a knife, causing approximately $200 worth of damage. Officer got a written statement from the complainant, and photos were taken of the damage.
2:22 PM – Officer responded to Love’s Truck Stop about a private property accident. Officer got to location and made contact with the complainant, and stated he got bit by another subject and later left the property. Officer gave the operator a blue form and later cleared the scene.
10:40 PM – Officer assisted with an EMS call at Love’s Truck Stop with a male truck driver having chest pains. EMS arrived on scene, loaded up the patient, and transported him to an area hospital in San Antonio.
April 11
9:00 PM – Officer responded to Love’s Truck Stop about a male subject who appeared to be lost. Officer arrived on scene and contacted the male subject inside the store. The male subject called his daughter to come pick him up. Officer stood by with the male subject until his daughter arrived and picked him up. The officer later cleared the scene once the daughter arrived to pick up her father.