Natalia Police Report April 16-22

April 16

9:00 AM – Officer responded to the 2100 block of Hwy. 132 for a suicidal subject. Officer spoke to the female in question and later determined she needed to be seen by EMS, who was called and later transported her to Southwest General Hospital for a medical evaluation.
11:28 AM – Officer had two adults walk into the Natalia Police Dept. and wanting to report a sexual assault that happened to them both by a family member when they were juveniles. Officer collected statements and will be speaking to the District Attorney about the case.
12:29 PM – Officer responded to the front of the City Hall about a disoriented elderly woman walking around and appeared to be lost. Officer gathered information on the elderly woman and that’s when a Ford pickup pulled up to them and collected the elderly woman. The woman’s husband was thankful for watching out for his wife.
April 18
1:32 PM – Officer responded to the 500 block of 4th St. about a verbal disturbance between siblings. Officer made contact with all parties and later determined no assault occurred and that it was just verbal. Officer left the residence without further incident.
April 19
1:00 PM – Officer responded to the 600 block of 4th St. about an alarm call. Officer checked the perimeter and all doors and windows were intact. Officer cleared the scene.
3:01 PM – Officer responded to the 2100 block of Hwy. 132 about a female subject not feeling safe (suicidal) and wanted to voluntarily go to the hospital. EMS arrived on scene and later transported the female to Southwest General for a medical and mental evaluation.
4:57 PM – Officer responded to the 20,000th block of FM 471 about a suicidal male juvenile wanting to kill himself. Officers arrived on location and took control of the juvenile and placed him in a police unit for his and everyone’s safety. Officers spoke to his mother and it was later decided by the juvenile’s mother to transport her son on an emergency detention warrant to the Santa Rosa Hospital for a medical and mental evaluation.
April 20
6:11 PM – Officer responded to the 100 block of 3rd St. about a two-vehicle crash. Officer arrived on scene and spoke to both parties involved. Officer generated crash report and later cleared the scene.
April 21
8:50 PM – Officer responded to 7th and Aubrey St. for a streetlight that was smoking and appeared to be on fire. Natalia Fire was dispatched in case a fire did start up. AEP light company was called out to remove the bird nest that was inside the light that may have been the cause of the smoke emitting from the light.
April 22
5:35 PM – Officer responded to the 300 block of 3rd St. about a loud music call. Officer went and spoke to the residents who were playing their instruments outside and were very loud. The resident turned down the music and later turned off the music.
7:33 PM – Officer responded to the 900 block of 6th St. about shots being fired in the area. Officer arrived in the area and spoke to a neighbor at the 900 block and he advised the officer the shots were coming from the 200 or 300 block of CR 6717. Officer was unable to locate the source of the shots fired and cleared the area.
11:26 PM – Officer responded to Love’s Truck Stop about a suspicious male subject that had been coming and going into the store acting suspicious and then sitting out in his car where the employees park their cars. Officer contacted the male subject and identified him. He was checked for any warrants and was advised not to be loitering on the property. The male subject came back clear and was later released without incident.