Natalia Police Report

August 2

10:40 PM – Officer responded to the 600 blk. of Palfrey St. about a suspicious vehicle. The vehicle license plate was run and did not come back stolen. Officer cleared the scene and went back in service.
August 3
8:51 PM – Officer responded to the 800 blk. of Bennett St. about a civil matter. Officer spoke to all parties and the issue was that a tenant was not paying the right amount of money toward the light bill. Officer explained to both parties that if they couldn’t resolve the issue amongst each other they needed to go to civil court and take care of it that way.
August 6
7:15 PM – Officer responded to Love’s Truck Stop about a Hispanic male that had been issued a criminal trespass by police in the past and was on the property. The clerk refused service to the subject and asked him to leave because she was going to call the police. The subject left in a gray sedan.
August 7
12:16 PM – Officer responded to the 600 blk. of CR 6841 and assisted with a disturbance with shots fired. Officer got a vehicle stopped temporarily until Medina County Sheriff arrived on scene. Deputies took over scene.
5:12 PM – Officer responded to Love’s Truck Stop about a private property crash between two tractor trailers. Officer arrived on location, made contact with both drivers, issued blue forms to both drivers, and later cleared the scene.
August 8
5:02 PM – Officer was advised of an electrical fire off of a pole falling on top of the Natalia Post Office. Officer notified the dispatcher multiple fire departments and local police were needed to assist with the fire. After several hours, the fire was finally extinguished and Hwy. 132 was reopened.
7:31 PM – Officer responded to the 2400 blk. of Hwy. 132 Apt. A. The officer and a Medina County Deputy attempted to serve a felony warrant on a Hispanic male. The deputy made contact with a Hispanic female but officers were unable to make contact with the subject in question.
August 9
9:23 AM – Officer responded to the 400 blk. of Palfrey St. to assist EMS with a lift assist. The patient was lifted onto a recliner and later into her bed. No injuries recorded. Officer cleared the scene.
August 11
11:30 PM – Officer responded to the 300 blk. of Aubrey St. about a lapse disturbance. Officer attempted to make contact with the suspect at his house and refused to answer the door. The female involved in the disturbance drove up and advised the officer she was fine and didn’t want to file charges on her male partner. She just wanted to check the welfare of the children inside the house. The children were fine and the male subject was released to his parents.