Natalia Police Dept Blotter

05/13-Criminal Trespass Report
Officer on duty was dispatched to a local residence to issue a Criminal Trespass Report that was requested by the residence owner. 

05/14- Assist Public
Officer on duty was making rounds when he noticed an open door at one of the local business buildings.  The Officer conducted a security check of the building and found the front door unlocked. The Officer proceeded to secure the front door after clearing the building. 
05/15-The Officer on duty assisted a complainant who came to the Natalia Police Department to report an Assault. The complainant stated that he had come home to find his wife had been assaulted by her sibling.  The Officer made contact with the alleged victim and three other family members in order to corroborate the accusation and have a written record of what had taken place in the report.. The Officer and MCSO proceeded to the assailants location but found the property was locked and no one answered the door. 
The Officer on duty received a text picture from city staff regarding graffiti on the road between 318 and 400 Miller Street on 4th Street.  Upon arrival the Officer observed graffiti painted on the surface of the roadway. The Officer documented the graffiti and took photographs. 
05/16-Animal Control
The Officer on duty was assisted by Medina County Animal Control with picking up a small brown dog in color.  The animal was captured and placed in the Natalia kennels. 
05/17-Assist Citizen
Officer on duty was dispatched to assist a local citizen.  Upon arrival at the location the Officer made contact with the resident who requested that the Officer ask the church members to come over and pray at her house. The Officer informed the resident to call her church and make the request to them directly.
05/18-Civil Matter 
The Officer on duty was dispatched to a male who called stating that he was stranded in his semi truck for a couple of days.  Upon arriving at the location the Officer spoke to the complainant who stated he was an independent commercial driver who picked up a load and had been given a gas card that did not work.  The driver stated the company had been giving him the runaround which in turn had left him stranded without gas to return home or work.  The complainant was advised that this was a Civil Matter and would require him to contact the Medina County Constable Office PCT3 and JP Court to file a complaint.
The Officer on duty was dispatched to take a call for a Disturbance between a complainant and an ex partner.  Upon arrival at the location contact was made with the complainant who informed the Officer the other party had already left the scene in a white truck.  The complainant refused medical care  and appeared to have no visible injuries. A case number was provided and the call was cleared.