Natalia defeats J-Town to claim 1st seed

Trista Vera makes a play in the outfield.

The Natalia Lady Mustangs were able to claim the 1st seed in 30-3A last week with a 3-1 defensive victory over the 30-3A Co-Champion Jourdanton Squaws.
For the second straight match-up versus Big Red, Natalia played stellar defense led by freshman pitcher Abi Woodson. The freshman allowed only two hits, while the defense had 21 put-outs during their win.
“Our girls brought the energy needed to get the job done,” Natalia Assistant Coach Tara Cortinas said. “Once again, our defense stepped up with some big plays alongside our stout pitching.”
Stout pitching included three strike-outs during the game while only walking one.
Natalia was able to sit down J-Town 1-2-3 in the top of the 1st, thanks to an F-8, a 5-3 defensive play and another F-8.
The Lady Stangs struck first in the bottom of the 1st. Natalia started things off with a single by Taty Alvarado. She advanced on a ground out by KK Lara, before scoring on a double by Trista Vera giving Natalia the 1-0 lead.
In the top of the 2nd inning, Natalia used an F-6, a line-out to 2nd base and a 6-3 defensive play to sit J-Town down 1-2-3 again.
The Lady Stangs did their final offensive production in the bottom of the 2nd inning. Natalia used a Mena Figueroa single to start things off. Gabi Munoz was then hit by a pitch to put two runners on base. Bryanna Perez then came up big with a double which scored Figueroa, before watching Munoz score on a ground-out by Gabby Contreras.
From here on out, there were a number of great plays made by both squads. Jourdanton would strand a total of just three runners on base.
The Squaws scored their lone run in the top of the 5th, as they used a single, a pass ball, a ground out and an additional pass ball to get the lone run.
Natalia stranded a total of six runners on base which continues to be an evident area that could use improvement and timely production to maximize offensive moments.
The Lady Stangs finished with the 7-2 hit advantage, while J-Town had one defensive error in the game.
The victory allowed Natalia to edge J-Town 2-1 on the season, claiming the 1st seed in 30-3A.
At bat: Trista Vera 1-2-1RBI, Taty Alvarado 1-3-1run scored, Gabi Munoz 1-2-1run scored, Gabby Contreras 1-3-1RBI, Mena Figueroa 1-3-1run scored, KK Lara 0-3, Bryanna Perez 1-3-1RBI, AbiWoodson 0-3 and Bivi Figueroa 1-2.
Defensive Put-Outs: Contreras 7, B. Figueroa 4, Lara 3, Vera 2, Alvarado 2, Gabi Santoya 2, M.Figueroa 1.
Assists: M.Figueroa 3, Woodson 3, Contreras 1, Perez 1.
By Eric Smith