My total rent is about $45.76 per day to live in Medina County America! What’s yours?

Did you pay your property taxes too?
First, someone took off the Briscoe house, then the Catholic Church was razed, Rihns closed down and now, Morales Feed lot is no more…Saw Ernie Morales today and he said that delivering flowers is easier than punching cows.  Probly smells better too.  Heard that Rihns has reopened but, aint patronized them yet.
By now, everybody has paid their bills for being allowed to live in Medina 
County cause the interest and penalties started February 1st.  I went ahead and fixed up my Income Tax and it aint pretty.  Pretty darn (used the nice word) ridiculous for those who work for a living and don’t rely on government handouts to live.  With my County rent ($9.17 per day) and my cost of living in the United States ($36.59 per day) my total rent is about $45.76 per day to live in Medina County America.  Thank you, Mr President.
Wouldn’t mind it so much if my taxes were going to Disabled Veterans or Social Security recipients but, seems like its going to drug addicts, those who don’t wanna work and illegal aliens.  
Looks like there is gonna be an election in the City of Devine this year.  Hope lots of folks show up and give us a good idea of what the populus thinks.  I would hope that the days of elections being decided by a vote of 20-15 are over.  Get out and make a decision.
Aint had no rain lately and it shows.  We’re gonna take a ride up to Medina Lake and see if it has any water in it.  Probly gonna be real dissapointed.  Keep praying for rain… 
Laid Bubba Hanson to rest last week.  The icon is no more.  Saw millionaires, hundredaires, doctors, lawyers, farmers, cowboys, some from out of state and old friends I aint seen in a long time…all in all, it was the biggest collection of raggedys (I left the second word out) I’ve seen in a long time.  He woulda been proud.
Retirement is great. Seems like every day is Saturday except on Sunday.