My little ninja

My daughter was in hide and seek mode yesterday. It reminded me of our family reunion a couple weeks ago. We were in a big giant house and there was a lot of hide and seek going on throughout the weekend.
Of all the places to hide in a big giant old house their favorite seemed to be located in the bathrooms. A lot of little cousins nearly saw my behind that weekend.
The funniest thing is they hear you come in but they don’t stop you or say anything. I don’t know how many times I turned around and saw two or three little faces with big, giant eyes peeking out of the cabinet behind me. They were just scared to say anything I guess….little turkeys.
Another thing my daughter likes to do lately is pretend she’s a sneaky “ninja” in which she tries to sneak across from the hallway to the laundry room without us seeing her. We do have lots of big baby toys and stuff to hide behind but it’s still proven to be a pretty difficult game.
Of course she doesn’t exactly take the path of least resistance. She enjoys a challenge. If I’m trying not to see her, she gets too brave and starts trying to crawl underneath my legs and then around me while I watch TV or something. She tries so hard and sincerely and gets so disappointed when I see her, but I just can’t keep from laughing sometimes. It must be hard being a ninja.