55 service calls, 27 traffic stops

It’s been hot and from patrolling around you can see that people aren’t exactly hanging out in their yards to kill time. On to our recent activity. Our officers handled 55 calls for service and conducted 27 traffic stops last week. Those stops resulted in 19 being issued citations and 8 being given warnings. Only one lucky person got a trip to the county jail, Officer David Lopez took him in on public intoxication charge.
We had a few property crimes this last week. Somebody stole a lawn mower from the vet clinic on Main St. It was valued at $50, I bet they plan on selling it because I can’t imagine somebody wanting to mow their yard so much that they would steal a push mower. I am also glad to report that the 6 BBQ pits taken from H.E.B. have been recovered thanks to some good solid police work. Well actually they discovered they had been relocated to another location so it was an inventory issue. That’s not going to stop me from trying to take credit for it though. A Rodeo Dr. resident reported that someone damaged some blue lights on their porch, the lights were valued at $30. A fun fact is that while the Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills is a shopping district the Rodeo Dr. in Lytle is a residential street. Riding High Customs reported that two batteries and a part were stolen off a vehicle, they valued the loss at $653.
The “Crime of the Week” ……. Lt. Dear responded to a “beer run” at the H.E.B. C-Store, two males wearing “reflective safety vests” took off with four 18 packs of Bud Light. I guess the word finally got out to the thieves that it’s dangerous to do beer runs at the c-store. There is a lot traffic and running out the door into the parking lot can be a real hazard.While I don’t condone theft, I must commend them because “safety is everybody’s business.”
Paws of Summer (#9!) has come and gone, it was a real blast too. Over $19,000 was raised for animal medical and spay neuter expenses. This was a great event co-sponsored by the Lytle Animal Care and Control and the Lytle Animal Allies (a local non-profit). The community center was packed, I suggested we move the festivities outside to give us more room. It was well over 100 degrees so I figured we would lose most the crowd which in turn would free up a few extra burgers for me. Nobody liked my idea. In keeping with recent tradition I didn’t win anything on the raffle….at least the money went to a good cause. I am already wondering what they have planned for next year.