Mustangs win team title at final TSS lift meet

27 Natalia Mustangs traveled to the Texas Strength System Gym last Thursday for the final regular season powerlifting meet. Five Natalia Mustangs were able to win gold medals, fueling their team to a 1st place team finish ahead of 12 others schools in attendance.
“We capped off our regular season this week and are very proud of the way they competed,” Coach Kasey Crowther said. “We brought back 11 total medals including five gold medals, two 2nd place medals and four 3rd place medals.”
Natalia captured the team title thanks to 50 points, which dominated the closest competition Southwest who accounted for 35 team points. Other finishes included: Marion (27), Bandera (14), Devine (12), Southwest Legacy (11), Canyon Lake (8), Columbus (5), Del Rio (5), Pleasanton (4), Ingram (3), Knippa (0) and Kennedy(0).
Natalia’s Ryan Juarez was able to finish in 1st place in the 132 lb. wc with a 990 lb. total. His total included a 375 lb. squat, a 215 lb. bench press and a 400 lb. dead lift.
Adrian Vasquez was impressive in his 148 lb. wc, as he used a 1,165 lb. total to finish with the gold. He used a 455 lb. squat, a 225 lb. bench press and a 485 lb. dead lift to account for his total.
Michael Martinez was the 3rd gold winner for Natalia, as he used a 1,190 lb. total to win the 220 lb. wc. Martinez had a 605 lb. squat, a 280 lb. bench press and a 495 lb. dead lift.
Uriel Arellano worked his magic in the 242 lb. wc once again, as he won the gold with a 1,455 lb. total. His total included a 510 lb. squat, a 400 lb. bench press and a 545 lb. dead lift.
The final Mustang to win the gold was Paul Billalobos who did so in the Super Heavy Weight Division. He used a 605 lb. squat, a 285 lb. bench press and a 525 lb. dead lift to account for a 1,415 lb. total.
Other finishes: 114 lb. wc: Donovan Hawkins-2nd place 285-squat, 150-bench press, 285-dead lift, 720 lb. total, Wyatt Owens-3rd place 220-squat, 150-bench press, 285-dead lift, 720 total. 123 lb. wc: Noah Gilkey-2nd place 260-squat, 145-bench press, 270-dead lift, 675-total. 148 lb. wc: Bartolo Gregorio-3rd place 370-squat, 200-bench press, 385-dead lift, 995-total; Saul Valadez-4th place 370-squat, 225-bench press, 370-dead lift, 965-total; Roberto Curiel-5th place 370-squat, 205-bench press, 375-dead lift-950-total; Landon McDole-9th place 310-squat, 205-bench press, 315-dead lift, 830-total. 165 lb. wc: Xavier Vasquez-4th place 405-squat, 205-bench press, 385-dead lift, 995-total; Isaac Rios-5th place 330-squat, 195-0bench press, 405-dead lift, 930-total; Isaac Duenez-6th place 325-squat, 215-bench press, 370-dead lift, 910-total; Jared Stallworth-7th place 345-squat, 190-bench press, 345-dead lift, 880-total. 181 lb. wc: Joel Rios-4th place 425-squat, 220-bench press, 460-dead lift, 1,105-total; Matt COntreras-6th place 425-squat, 235-bench press, 380-dead lift, 1,040-total; Joel Mendez-7th place 400-squat, 230-bench press, 405-dead lift, 1,035-total; Brad Martin-9th place 40-5-squat, 195-bench press, 405-dead lift, 1,005-total. 198 lb. wc: Gregorio Mendez-8th place 440-squat, 260-bench press, 425-dead lift, 1,125-total; Fabian Ruiz-9th place 415-squat, 210-bench press, 465-dead lift, 1,090-total; Isaiah Santoya-17th place 335-squat, 180-bench press, 385-dead lift, 900-total; Austin Guzman-19th place 330-squat, 195-bench press, 355-dead lift, 880-total. 220 lb. wc: Jeremiah Gomez-3rd place 450-squat, 275-bench press, 465-dead lift, 1,190-total; Isaiah Sanchez-9th place 430-squat, 215-bench press, 425-dead lift, 1,070-total. 242 lb. wc: Dustin Soto-3rd place 500-squat, 270-bench press, 505-dead lift, 1,275-total; Diego Hernandez-7th place 360-squat, 230-bench press, 385-dead lift, 975-total; Juan Vera-8th place 410-squat, 200-bench press, 365-dead lift, 975-total.
Next week we will have a regional preview and let you know which of these hard working Mustangs are Regional Bound!
“Our teams’ chances of being represented at regional look very good,” Coach Crowther said. “As always, we will be back in the weight room attacking every set and every rep anticipating regional competition.”
By Eric Smith