Mustangs finish 2nd at TTS powerlifting meet

Jeremiah Gomez finished 9th with a total of 1,140 lbs. lifted.

The Natalia Mustang Powerlifting program had another strong performance last Thursday at the Texas Strength System Meet. The Stangs were able to finish in 2nd place out of nine schools and just three points out of 1st place as a team.
When it came to individual results, Natalia’s “A” team finished with two golds and two 2nd place finishes as well. Natalia also had a total of 20 athletes compete in as “B” team individual competitors.
State Lifter Manny Padilla had another impressive meet, as he won the gold in the 132 lb. weight class with a 1,140 lb. total. This included a 440 lb. squat, a 215 lb. bench press and a 485 lb. dead lift.
Uriel Arellano also claimed the gold in the 242 lb. weight class, as he used a 480 lb. squat, a 325 lb. bench press and a 515 lb. dead lift to account for a 1,320 lb. total.
Next up for the Mustangs was Donovan Hawkins, who finished in 2nd place in the 114 lb. weight class with a 710 lb. total. His total included a 285 lb. squat, a 140 lb. bench press and a 285 lb. dead lift.
The final Mustang who claimed 2nd place was Adrian Vasquez, who had the stellar finish in the 165 lb. weight class with a 1,030 lb. total. This total included a 400 lb. squat, a 190 lb. bench press and a 440 lb. dead lift.
Other finishes for the Natalia “A” team
114 lb. wc: Wyatt Owens-5th 175 lb. squat, 110 lb. bench press, 290 lb. dead lift-575 lb. total. 181 lb. wc: Joel Rios-3rd 410 lb. squat, 230 lb. bench press, 425 lb. dead lift-1,065 lb. total; Matthew Contreras-8th 385 lb. squat, 205 lb. bench press, 365 lb. dead lift-955 lb. total. 220 lb. wc: Michael Martinez-3rd place 570 lb. squat, 255 lb. bench press, 460 lb. dead lift-1,285 lb. total; Jeremiah Gomez-9th place 425 lb. squat, 240 lb. bench press, 475 lb. dead lift-1,140 lb. total. 275 lb. wc: Paul Billalobos-3rd place 570 lb. squat, 260 lb. bench press, 520 lb. dead lift-1,320 lb. total.
“B Team Totals”
Noah Gilkey-(123 lb. wc) 660 lb. total, Ryan Juarez(132 lb. wc)-930 lb. total, Nate Banda(132 lb. wc)-795 lb. total, Bartolo Gregorio(148 lb. wc)-795 lb. total, Roberto Curiel(148 lb. wc)-940 lb. total, Chris Saldana(148 lb. wc)-805 lb. total, Xavier Vasquez(165 lb. wc)-935 lb. total, Saul Valadez(165 lb. wc)-915 lb. total, Isaac Duenez(165 lb. wc)-880 lb. total, Isaac Rios(165 lb. wc)-880 lb. total, Joel Mendez(181 lb. wc)-955 lb. total, Brad Martin(181 lb. wc)-930 lb. total, Gregorio Mendez(198 lb. wc)-1,020 lb. total, Fabian Ruiz(198 lb. wc)-995 lb. total, Austin Guzman(198 lb. wc)-815 lb. total, Isaiah Santoya(198 lb. wc)-795 lb. total, Isaiah Sanchez(220 lb. wc)-1,030 lb. total, Dustin Soto(242 lb. wc)-1,130 lb total and Diego Hernandez(242 lb. wc)-920 lb. total.
By Eric Smith