Meet Maria, Juan, Cesar, Antonio, and Juliocesar!

Meet Maria, Juan, Cesar, Antonio, and Juliocesar!

They are a fun and energetic bunch, who truly enjoy being around each other, and love spending time together as a family. Some of their favorite things to do as a family are staying active, going out to the park and who also enjoy going shopping & eating out together.

As a sibling group they are very excited and are looking forward to finding a forever family. AND HOPEFULLY even getting a pet dog!

Maria is 8, Juan is 7, Cesar is 6, Antonio is 5, and Juliocesar is 2.


Maria Guadalupe is very sweet, and loving. She likes to be called “Lupita”. She is the oldest of her siblings and is very loving and caring towards them. Maria loves to sing and dance! She is very active and also enjoys going to the park. And being very girly, Maria enjoys dressing up, in bows, and accessories. She also loves to be creative with arts & crafts.


Juan Jose enjoys playing with his toys, and taking part in arts & crafts. He also loves playing video games and watching movies. Juan Jose is very helpful, as he likes to assist with chores around the house as he likes to stay busy. In addition to listening to music, he also is not too shy to sing along.


Cesar Antonio can be very loving and affectionate. Cesar Antonio loves hugs, and will not shy away from showing his love for those around him. He loves all technology and enjoys educational videos. Cesar Antonio loves using Legos to build and create. Cesar Antonio also enjoys playing with his siblings. Cesar Antonio can be very talkative, and loves carrying on conversations with his siblings.


Antonio Armando is a big chatter box, and a social butterfly. He loves making new friends, and is very talkative. Antonio Armando likes to play with his toys, computers, tablet and putting together puzzles. When not in doors, Antonio Armando enjoys the outdoors and likes going to the lake. Antonio Armando also enjoys watching movies and spending time with his siblings.


Juliocesar is a sweet and active toddler. He is very loving and affectionate. Juliocesar continues to reach all his developmental milestones. He loves music, and won’t shy away from dancing when there is a catchy tune being played. And like any child Juliocesar is a big fan of playing with toys.

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