Meet June Bug…
Overcoming obstacles, one step at a time

Told by doctors that she may never walk, 3-year-old June Huerta has conquered many challenges already in her young life.

By Kayleen Holder
Once told that she may never walk, 3-year-old June Huerta or “June Bug” as she’s known by friends and family, has overcome a lot of challenges in her young life. June Bug uses a walker to get around, and her sweet smile touches everyone in her path with joy.
“You may not know her by name, but you may know June as the little girl who introduced herself to you at H-E-B or Walmart by running over your feet with her red walker. That’s not the way we would have hoped that you met June, but if you know June’s story, you would know that introductions have been bumpy for her since her start in life,” said her mother Mrs. Cheyenne Huerta.
June was born premature at thirty-seven weeks, entering the world at four pounds eleven ounces. At birth, June’s heart was not fully developed and had four holes in it.
As alarming as her heart condition was, at four months, June’s pediatrician also diagnosed June with low muscle tone. Little June would be introduced to a wide array of medical specialists who would come alongside June and her family in this journey which no one could have anticipated.
“It is a medical condition that requires June to work three times harder than a non-affected child to meet her growth milestones. The delay in her progress was heartbreaking,” Cheyenne said, but with a good attitude she has exceeded so many expectations.
“I was heartbroken when June didn’t have the muscular development to sit on her own for her one year old photos,” said her mother Cheyenne. “But that devastation was tempered with joy that the holes in June’s heart had closed by her first birthday.”
Cheyenne and her husband, Nathan, are so grateful the numerous doctors and specialists who have joined them in June’s journey, particularly their cousin and physical therapist, Jessica Valle, who has worked with June for over three years. With the dedication of those like Jessica and more recently, Mrs. Davis from Devine ISD who is June’s teacher, June has made significant progress in her physical development.
June’s first steps came on February 1, a couple of months after her third birthday.
“June’s road has been anything but smooth, yet we have learned that sometimes, things don’t come on our own time,” Cheyenne said.”Her muscle tone was so weak that the doctors were unsure if she would ever walk on her own or even at all. She proved with hard work she is able to do anything her little heart desires,” she added.
“Never give up on hope and know that setbacks don’t always mean you have to give up on fun,” the Huertas add. “June has inspired us in so many ways. Those days when we feel like giving up, we just look over at June, seeing how far she has come. Realizing anything is possible with God and a lot of hard work,” Cheyenne said.
June’s great attitude has everything to do with it.
“June is always so happy. Our neighbors tell us they love seeing June in the morning because she’s so happy to see the school bus. She’s just such a loving little girl,” Cheyenne said. “My favorite part of the day is when her dad comes home and I hear June walking to greet him. It’s just pure joy.”
“June Bug,” as she’s known by her family, will soon be cheering with Texas Heat Cheer in Natalia. If you see June, come say “Hello!” She’d love to meet you!