Meet Brandom, Millanie, Marceline, and Mia

These siblings are looking for their forever family.

Meet Brandom, Millanie, Marceline, and Mia….four South Texas siblings who are looking for their forever family. They are dreaming of a mom and dad with lots of energy and love! They enjoy having pets and would love to attend church with their new family.
10 year old Brandom is a sweet kid, who loves basketball, playing Roblox, crafts and great at solving Rubix cubes. He is a 5th grader and made all As and Bs in school last year! He would love to have a brother in his new family.
8 year old Millanie is a happy child who is great with pets, and is a little momma. She likes to draw, play with Boxy Girls, and likes to sing. She is a 3rd grader who is proud to have made straight A’s in school!
Marceline is 6 years old and likes to play on her scooter, Mine Crafts, swimming, and loves playing “school.” She is a 2nd grader and won 2nd place in an art contest recently!
Mia is a 3-year-old sweet little girl, who loves pets and loves people. She like to play with siblings, watch Paw Patrol and enjoys coloring, singing, and Play Doh. She enjoys learning colors and shapes right now in foster care.
For more inforamation about these sweet kiddos, contact Pam McCloskey (Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Child Focused Adoption Recruiter) at or Cell 210-364-0576.