Medina County voters re-elect Sheriff Brown, several races go to runoffs

By Victoria Arredondo and Kayleen Holder

The results are in… over 8,800 people came out to vote in the Medina County primary election. Voters overwhelmingly elected to “keep Randy Brown Sheriff.” There were several contested races this year in Medina County and three of those races will go to runoffs in May including the two county commissioner seats.

According to the Preliminary Election Reconciliation report, there are over 37,120 registered voters in Medina County, of the 8,805 that voted, 204 were mail-in ballots of which 27 were rejected or are pending. There are 27 mail-in ballots and 14 provisional ballots that could be added to the final count.

According to the Elections Administrator Lupe Torres,  early voting for runoff races will be held May 20 through May 24 between 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Election Day will be May 28.

The UNOFFICIAL results are as follows:

Sheriff Randy Brown was victorious, receiving 5,691 votes (approximately 76%) over his opponent Douglas Christian, who received 1,718 votes (approximately 23%).

County Treasurer – Debra Graff was victorious, receiving 3,947 votes (approximately 56%) over her opponent Jennifer Konegni, who received 3,005 votes (approximately 43%).

Constable Precinct 1 – Robert Tschirhart was victorious, receiving 1,706 votes (approximately 76%) over his opponent Martin Chavez, who received 524 votes (approximately 23%).

Republican County Chair – Chris Schuchart was victorious, receiving 4,882 votes (approximately 68%) over his opponent Patricia Aken, who received 2,199 votes (approximately 31%).

Republican Party Precinct Chair 1D – Westley Halbardier was victorious receiving 286 votes (approximately 71%) over opponent Tim Buske receiving 114 votes (approximately 28%).

Republican Party Precinct Chair 2B – Jerome Iltis was victorious, receiving 397 votes (approximately 52%) over his opponent Arnie Dollase who received 356 votes (approximately 47%).

Republican Party Precinct Chair 2C candidate Rebecca Rector who received 301 votes (approximately 41%) is victorious over opponents Michael Bombek who received 261 votes (approximately 36%). The third candidate Elwin Roszyske who had 158 votes (approximately 21%). This race does not require a runoff.

Medina County races that will go to runoffs

The County Commissioner Precinct 1 seat will be determined by a runoff between Jessica Castiglione, who received 1,090 votes (approximately 48%) and James Tomey who received 691 votes (approximately 30%). The third candidate Michael Mullins received 457 votes (approximately 20%).

County Commissioner Precinct 3 seat will be determined by a runoff  between David Lynch who received 704 votes (approximately 41%) and Thomas Lutz who received 360 votes (approximately 21%). The third candidate Christopher Champion received 333 votes (approximately 19%) and the fourth candidate David Ehlinger who received 291 votes (approximately 17%).

Constable Precinct 3  seat will be determined by a runoff between Stephen Duffy, who received 677 votes (approximately 43%) and Jonathan Johnson who received 496 votes (approximately 31%). The third candidate Glenn Barrow received 393 votes (approximately 25%).