Medina County COVID cases climb to 150; 9 hospitalizations reported

Covid cases in Medina County have climbed by +133 (with about half of those being backlogged cases and half of them new). The more the healthcare system becomes overwhelmed, the more backlogged the information becomes. We now have 150 active covid cases in the county. More importantly, the county is reporting 9 more hospitalizations, bringing the total hospitalizations to 135. These hospitalizations have occurred within this past month.
Hospitalization reports are often delayed as county officials rely on families of loved ones reporting hospitalizations in many cases.
107 cases were slid into the Recovered category this Monday, (which simply means it’s been 14 days since that group of people tested positive), and does not reflect who is still ill or back to normal health. There are 1,686 total people in that category. Medina County officials reminded everyone that they are not able to keep up with the many who suffer from long-term complications of Covid-19, so all cases go into the Recovery category after 14 days regardless of condition, unless of course, a death has occurred.

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There have been 35 deaths reported so far in Medina County.
Dr. Richard Neel is still a leader in treating covid patients using high dose melatonin, and in constant contact with physicians and researchers from around the world. This week, he was scheduled to be on a teleconference panel by the Canadian Medical Society, where he and other physicians and researchers will discuss melatonin’s role in the battle against Covid-19. The panel will also include researcher Dr. Russell Reiter, Dr. Carrillo from the Phillipines, and many more pioneers in this field.
“I am looking forward to speaking and seeing and all the latest research that will be presented as well as more scientific evidence of how and why melatonin works in Covid-19 patients,” Dr. Neel stated.
Covid in local schools
Devine ISD
Devine ISD has 7 active cases in the district (4 students, 3 staff). Two of the students are High School, and two are middle school. The district has had a total of 14 cases this school year to-date (including 8 students, 6 staff).
Lytle ISD
Lytle ISD has 3 active cases (1 primary school, 2 jr high), and 24 total.
Medina Valley ISD has 27 active cases in the district, and has had a total of 58 this school year.