Man reels in 12 ft shark on beach Padre Island National Seashore

Kevin Karwedsky recently reeled in this huge Tiger Shark on Padre Island National Seashore beach in Corpus Christi.  The shark is 12 foot, 7 1/2 inches long. Karwedsky said he caught the shark just past the 3rd sandbar.

“She picked up the bait about 400 yards out….I hooked up around 5 pm and we got her to the beach around 9 am,” Karwedsky said in an interview. “My brother Russell and I measured her and got her back in the water as fast as possible as not to harm her.”

There were no swimmers around when he reeled in the big one, but you can swim in the area, he says. In fact, “I was swimming there the day before,” Karwedsky noted.

Karwedsky, a true fisherman, is keeping the exact location of the catch a secret, so as not to give his spot away.

“Shark fishing is a passion that we live and breathe 24/7. We spend day and night on the sand, working hard to get bait, getting crushed by waves; all to hear that screaming drag and spend a few seconds with these APEX predators,” Karwedsky added.

Courtesy Image