“Makin Bacon” wins Travis Spielman Memorial Hog Dog Contest

Mark and Leslie Spielman with Team Travis and friends.

Winners of the 4th Annual Travis Spielman Memorial Hog Dog Competition hosted on the weekend of March 10-12, 2017 were Teams Makin Bacon, Shep Dawgs, and Outlaws out of 16 teams. Seven teams of the 16 weighed in with 5 hogs to make up their overall total.
The competition and weigh in was hosted at the Alamo Truck and Feed Store on IH 35 between Devine and Natalia last Sunday, March 12.
1st place: Makin Bacon with 853.5 lbs of hogs.
2nd place: Shep Dawgs 812.8 lbs of hogs.
3rd place: Outlaws with 669.7 lbs of hogs.
Side Contests
Heaviest boar: Makin Bacon 197.6 lbs
Heaviest sow: Makin Bacon 254. lbs
Longest tusks: Outlaws 2 5/8′
Weighing in were Makin Bacon 853.5, Shep Dogs 812.8, Outlaws 669.7, Lomitas Services 641, Las 12 Millas 636.2, Ring but serviceable 615.3, Coyotes 447.6.
Competing but not weighing in were: Low fence loafers, B. mabry, Alco hogics, Young and Old Dogs, Feedlot, Sandy Hill Boar Hounds, Tommy Shoemake, Lion Den, Midnight Hog Hunters, Rig Dogs.
Mark and Leslie Spielman and their family appreciate all who worked to make the memorial happen again this year and to the contestants for keeping the spirit of hog dogging alive in honor of their son Travis Spielman.
Travis’ life was cut short at the age of 18 due to an auto accident. He had been helping a friend on an icy day in Oklahoma. Since Travis was an organ donor his family honored his wishes and allowed him to give the gift of life to many others.