Sept 22–Over 20 people rescued in LaCoste/Hondo areas today

Many people in this RV park didn’t take the warnings seriously as the Medina River continued to rise this morning.

Sept.22–According to local fire departments, 16 people  and 10 pets were rescued from this RV park near the Medina River Bridge  on Lower LaCoste Road (County Road 4713 which goes by Sammy’s).  They were reportedly rescued with the help of a person in the area who had a Jet Ski.

A person at the scene said there were about 10 RVs total, and that one of them had already washed down the river and wrapped around a tree as of this afternoon.

“I heard the Medina River was up 11 feet this morning, and it’s supposed to crest sometime tonight around 19 foot,” said Hondo Fire Chief Gaylon Schueling.

Hondo Fire Dept. also rescued 4 people from a home along the Quihi Creek around 8:15 this morning, Sept 22.

“Almost the whole community of Quihi along the creek was  underwater this morning,” Schueling added. “Two families had already left, and we rescued four people from one home. There were a total of four homes with water inside, and the water was really close to two others. If water wasn’t in it, it was right at the door.”

Schueling asked residents to avoid CR 2676 going towards Quihi, and also warned Hondo Creek floodwaters was over the road at FM 462 (south of Yancey) and we’ve also had reports of the Hondo Creek over the road on FM 2200.

Hondo Creek at FM 2200 this morning. Photo by Heather Yanta. Send us your flooding photos! Submit via Facebook.

In addition to all of that, Castroville Fire Dept. also responded to a water rescue of a vehicle  on CR 584 in LaCoste today.

Turn around, Don’t Drown!