Lytle and Devine PD team up

Spring break is here and it is the time of year that Lytle gets flooded with travelers headed to the coast. Okay, maybe not but we do get a few people that head south on I.H. 35 and then about the time they get to Lytle they realize they were 2 off and should have taken I.H. 37. Oh well we will take what the tourist industry brings.
Officers handled 51 service calls and conducted 59 traffic stops last week. Of those 59 stops 45 got invitations to municipal court and the others got warnings of some sort.
We had 4 property crimes reported last week. We started the week with a report that somebody stole one of the blue plastic trash barrels at John Lott Park. We are after this “Blue Barrel Bandit,” certainly they won’t be able to keep this caper to themselves. They are bound to be showing off their new trash can so keep your eyes open out there. In our next case HEB Plus employees reported a male suspect put some unknown items in his pocket and fled the store. Well we know it wasn’t a brisket and a 24 pack of beer which is a favored combination of our thieves. Property crime #3 was the burglary of a vehicle on Short St. A Milwaukee brand saw valued at $180 was taken from the bed of a pick-up.
The big attempted heist of the week occurred at H.E.B. Plus. Last Tuesday at about 4:45 PM it was reported that a female suspect headed out of the store with a basket full of goodies. Managers stopped her in the parking lot but she left the basket and fled in a vehicle. Ofc. David Lopez and Lt. Dear located the vehicle and made the stop. Inside they discovered stolen property from the Wal-Mart in Devine. She had just committed a theft down there and according to Devine PD she had left her purse and ID in the basket, a very bad move for a crook. Devine PD came and recovered their stolen property and our guys booked her on the H.E.B. theft. The basket she left in the H.E.B. parking lot had enough meat in it she could have opened her own meat market. When Lytle PD and Devine PD team up we are force to be reckoned with….like some sort of police all star team.
I’m proud of my staff and wish I could have been there. I was in San Antonio because I took my grandmother to a medical appointment. So while they were fighting crime I was ordering Chinese takeout to bring home (Which my grandmother had to buy because I forgot my wallet).